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Fermented Friday

WooCommerce SA Meetup

WooCommerce has emerged as the most popular method to sell online with close to 600K sites powered by WordPress and WooCommerce and over 6 million downloads. Our success has always been hinged to the amazing WordPress & WooCommerce communities.

We would love to grow our community and integrate like-minded people to talk and help each other out with everything Woo-related. Are you a avid WooCommerce enthusiast and wanting to be a part of a community of passionate developers, store owners and ecommerce specialists? We’d love you to get involved in organising our WooCommerce meetups all over the globe.

Meetups are meant to benefit the local WooCommerce community through live events and the broader WordPress community through the sharing of knowledge.

In the past year we’ve crept more and more out of our cyber shell and attended an increasing amount of WordPress events and ecommerce events. The response to all things WooCommerce has been tremendous but the need users have for collaboration and assistance is abundant. We recognize that their are limitations to what we can do for our users on and thus want to create space for users (developers and store owners) to connect, help one another and see what emerges. Simply put, amazing things happen when people come together.

Lean Canvas 101

Cole Wollak of the Geekdom Fund will be leading a workshop about Lean Canvas and how to put it to use to raise your odds of entrepreneurial success. To learn more about Lean Canvas and how it’s useful, visit:

Come hang out with us!