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Privacy Policy

Geekdom Guidelines

Geekdom’s mission is to create a collaborative tech ecosystem in San Antonio where the next large scale technology company can take off. Our goal is to provide an inspiring environment for bright minds to work, explore ideas, develop talents, and connect to a community of like-minded people. We ask you to follow these Geekdom Guidelines to ensure the best possible experience for everyone.

  1. We ask that you give back to our ecosystem. A few ways people give back include being available to help fellow members, hosting a workshop or even making the next pot of coffee.
  2. Scaling up & down.We aim to make it very easy for startups to expand or downsize their memberships with us. You may add new members or desks at any time, based upon availability and qualification. Please note that Geekdom membership fees are non-refundable.
  3. Parking is not included with your membership. You may purchase a monthly parking pass for a nearby garage and the fee will be included on your monthly bill. To inquire about parking, please email
  4. Show your style.We encourage members with desks to decorate their desk area. However, if you’d like to hang anything on the wall or ceiling or bring in anything excessively large, you must first get written permission from Geekdom management. A refundable deposit may be required. You must also keep your area reasonably clean, uncluttered and keep your stuff confined to just your immediate desk area. We are not responsible for theft or damage to your personal items!  Please use care in deciding what to bring to Geekdom and do not leave valuable items unattended.
  5. Dedicated Desk Location.It is our priority to seat members with desks who are with the same company close together, and we will also try to accommodate specific location requests. However, neither is guaranteed. Odds are, if you are in the space for a while, you will be moved a couple of times as new members join and old members leave. Frequent change is part of the culture. Enjoy it!
  6. Dedicated Offices. Like dedicated desks, your dedicated office may be moved as our membership and facilities change and grow.  Though office space may be dedicated to you, Geekdom staff will have a master key to your office and can access the space as we deem necessary. We also want our office space full so we reserve the right to take the office away if we notice that you are not here and your office is empty for a large period of time.
  7. Community Space. You understand that, except for dedicated desks and offices, this is a community use of space and that all use is on a first come, first served basis.
  8. You may not use any of the common areas or areas adjacent to your desk for storage.  Lockers are available to rent for $10/month. Geekdom staff will have a master key and can access your locker as necessary in their discretion.
  9. Be courteous to the others around you. If you listen to music, use headphones. If you are a loud talker on the phone, use the phone rooms. If you’re having a meeting, use a conference room or lounge area.
  10. Food & drink. We will do our best to keep the kitchen stocked with coffee & soda. Feel free to bring in your own food and drinks and use the refrigerator and kitchen, but you may want to label what is yours. Every Monday morning between 7 and 8am, perishables will be removed from the refrigerators and discarded.
  11. Access Cards:We will provide each Member with a security FOB that will get you access to the 6th, 7th, and 8th floor. If you do not turn in this FOB when you cancel your membership or lose this FOB and need to replace it, you will be charged $10.
  12. After Hours. We understand that not all members will want to work only within standard business hours, as such we are a 24/7 space. Geekdom is for business use only and overnight stays are not permitted.
  13. Feel free to bring guests to Geekdom for lunch, a meeting, or a quick visit. If they will be spending the day, they will need to purchase a $10 day pass or become a member. Guests are your responsibility at all times. You must ensure that they follow our rules, and you are responsible for their actions. We reserve the right to cancel your membership if your guest violates these Geekdom Guidelines or our code of conduct.
  14. Conference rooms:There are a limited number of conference rooms, and to be guaranteed use of one, you will need to reserve it online. We reserve the right to limit how many hours each member is able to book a conference room per month based on membership levels.  If you see an empty conference room, feel free to use it, but expect to be kicked out if someone else has it reserved.
  15. Internet is included. Speed is not guaranteed, but our internet is fast! We hate bad internet and will try to provide you the best service possible.  You are permitted to bring in your own router with prior approval of Geekdom Staff.  You will need to work with us to ensure that your router does not provide interference with other members’ connectivity.  This may include configuring your router to specific channels or adjusting the power rating of the router.
  16. Phones and AV Equipment.Phones are not provided. Members are expected to use their mobile phones or VOIP services such as Skype or Google Voice. Most conference rooms are equipped with AV equipment.
  17. Printers/copiers/scanners.These are available for shared use by our members. Please be courteous and limit yourself to normal day-to-day use. If you have to print out more than 30 copies, please bring your own paper or go to a professional printing service like FedEx Office.
  18. Snail Mail.Postal mailboxes are available to members for $20/month. Mailboxes are locked and require a $10 key deposit which will be refunded when the key is returned. Geekdom staff will have a master key and can access your mailbox as necessary in their discretion. Members who sign up for monthly mail service may also receive packages from UPS & FedEx.  You are responsible for updating your mailing information with all of your contacts if you leave.
  19. Safety. We have installed locks, lighting, surveillance systems and other security measures, but you are responsible for deciding the times that you work and whether you are comfortable being in the space outside of standard business hours. We do not guaranty your safety.
  20. We make an online directory available for our members.  Your name and membership status will be included in the directory, but you can edit your profile to determine what other information is shared. You may not use any member’s personally identifiable information for marketing or similar communications unless the member has indicated that they wish to receive communications of that type.
  21. Animals are not allowed in the building unless they are service animals.
  22. Smoking is not permitted.

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