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The forward momentum happening in the downtown tech ecosystem is largely thanks to the work done by Geekdom community members.

Letter from the Chairman, Lorenzo Gomez

Dear Community:

In 2011, Graham Weston and Nick Longo were on a plane coming back from a national coworking tour. They hit every major and minor coworking space they could find at the time to learn and take notes. They came back to San Antonio with two things etched in granite.

First, the coworking space they were about to create would be ‘collaborative’ before all else. Most places were just spaces you could rent a desk or office or pop open your laptop and work. This would be a place where entrepreneurs could wrestle with their fears and doubts and truly build special things working together.

Second, Graham and Nick knew they would need a great name for their space. “Geekdom,” was Nick’s instant response. There was no pause or doubt, just the knowledge that they would build a kingdom where Geeks could congregate, learn, and build awesome things together.

I am convinced that there is no greater form of philanthropy than for someone to create a job for another person.

The building they chose for Geekdom was very significant. The Weston Centre at 112 East Pecan has a rich technology history that will one day warrant a historical marker outside the building. This was the birthplace of Rackspace in 1999, and when Rackspace outgrew their 6th floor space, they moved out and turned that floor into their main production data center. Several years later, one of Rackspace’s investors, Sequoia Capital, called Graham and said they had just funded a new startup called YouTube and needed to put up 10 servers overnight. That night, the first servers of newly funded YouTube came online inside the Weston Centre.

Lorenzo Gomez III – Chairman


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