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Introducing Mentor Madness!

Beta launch of Geekdom Mentorship starts on Today Today is the very first Mentor Madness! What’s that? Basically, it’s a week where we try to get as many mentors as possible here at Geekdom to answer your most pressing questions and give advice. This will be a regular monthly event occurring on the first business week of the month.

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Top 5 Tech Trends in San Antonio

Being at Geekdom affords us a unique vantage point into the world of San Antonio’s growing technology scene. Consequently, for your own edification and reading pleasure, we’ve compiled a list of the five most exciting tech trends in San Antonio: Cybersecurity Within Geekdom, there has always been a strong cybersecurity presence–thanks to companies like Infocyte

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Startup Next Spotlight – CodersLink

With only two weeks to go before Startup Next Demo Day, we take a look at our last #GeekdomBuilt company. This company’s story is even more interesting than the last, since the founder once wore the geekstaff crown. Today, we’re talking about CodersLink. Meet Tito Salas, CEO and founder of CodersLink. Like all great companies,

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Expert to Help Startup Next Spotlight

We’re at the halfway mark of Startup Next and the teams have already learned a great deal of  information! This week we take a glance at Expert to Help, Jaakko Piipponen’s second go at entrepreneurship. Before starting this company, he ran Remote Garage, a startup dedicated to providing storage options for those who didn’t have

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Startup Next Spotlight: Evermarket

It’s Week Two of Startup Next — which means it’s time to spotlight another company, and once again, it’s a #GeekdomBuilt company. Say Howdy to Evermarket! Evermarket is made up of another power trio, Tom Kaufeldt (CEO), Kevin La Rue (CMO) and Donovan Becker who runs Product Development. Evermarket is looking to become the go-to

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Introducing Geekdom Community Member Spotlight

Meet Nick Jones, he recently moved from England to the Gulf Coast almost 6 years ago with his old job. Little did he know that within three years of moving to America, he would have a wife, two children and his own business. Last year he decided to pick up everything and move his family to San Antonio to

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Meet the Startup Next companies.

Today, we are excited to introduce the first cohort of startups to participate in San Antonio Startup Next! Startup Next is a Techstars pre-accelerator program that prepares startups that are seeking seed funding or acceptance into top tier accelerators like Techstars, Y-Combinator and 500 Startups. The six-week program will consist of weekly talks, pitch practice

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Lyft begins new driver orientations for its return to San Antonio

Ride-sharing company Lyft is conducting new driver orientations as the mobile phone-based service plans to return to San Antonio streets this year. Lyft spokeswoman Chelsea Wilson confirmed that the company is hiring and training drivers for its anticipated return to the Alamo City. “We are beginning driver orientation sessions in San Antonio and expect to

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Techstars cloud startup boasts path to faster, smoother live streaming

Lighting-fast broadband or even fiber-optic Internet may not always yield a smooth live stream as Internet service providers still use third-party firms to transmit data online. And one startup going though San Antonio’s premiere business accelerator program is hoping to cash in on the speed gap. Thalonet is one of nearly a dozen Techstars Cloud

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One Techstars startup aims to streamline corporate training for millennial workforce

While some businesses utilize consumer platforms for sharing information like Google Docs for files and videos disseminated through YouTube channels — one startup may offer an edge for businesses looking to streamline corporate communication systems — all on the cloud. Co-founded by Nick Stokman and Sean Higgins of St. Paul, Minnesota, Ilos is a video

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Rackspace Open Cloud Academy Moves Next to Geekdom

The Rackspace Open Cloud Academy dedicated a new space in the downtown Rand Building — where Geekdom is — this week. The tech company’s education center works on “developing technical talent, and enhancing technical career opportunities in our local community.” Students can achieve certifications, which can help bolster their careers. Read More @

San Antonio startup launches iPhone app that blocks images online

Local software developer for iPhone applications, Collin Beck said he was frustrated about burning up his cell phone data plan when traveling and created an application that blocks all images and videos on websites for the frugal looking for speed online. Dubbed, ImageBlocker, its a free application at this point, Beck said. “When I’m out

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Open Cloud Academy claims new space

For years, Rackspace co-founder and Chairman Graham Weston heard complaints that San Antonio’s growing data storage company had to search far and wide for qualified talent. He and others thought, “These were jobs that should have been taken by San Antonians.” An “aha” moment happened one day when he went to an Apple Store and

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HelpSocial navigates natural growth with TechStars mentorship

Former Rackspace employee Matt Wilbanks is navigating the startup waters withHelpSocial, an online service that helps companies manage their social media presence and respond to consumers. San Antonio-based HelpSocial, co-founded by Robert Collazo, was selected for a business acceleration program dubbed TechStars that focuses on cloud-based companies looking to fast-track their firms. Read More @

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Technology startup seeks to connect Mexican IT workers with U.S. employers

Mexican Nationals seeking an opportunity in the United States typically face an extra barrier when it comes to visa sponsorship through employers. But one San Antonio startup hopes to ease that entry and help fill local bilingual information technology jobs. Jesus ‘Tito’ Salas ran the San Antonio Mexican Entrepreneurial Challenge competition for Geekdom last year

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County kicks off $50,000 tech startup competition

Bexar County is putting up $50,000 in prize money for Tech Fuel, a competition designed to get folks with great ideas for a tech startup out of the talking stage and into the development phase. County Judge Nelson Wolff announced the competition this week at the Geekdom Event Center, saying it was aimed to piggyback

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