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Here at Geekdom, we use every resource at our disposal to provide opportunities for members to succeed. As part of that mindset, we recognize the need for outside investment—and securing it—can be real obstacles for companies as they grow.

If you’re looking to meet serious investors, the Ask Me Anything (AMA) event with Capital Factory is the most important event of the year. Here’s what you need to know:

This coming Tuesday, December 12th, Executive Director Joshua Baer of Capital Factory from Austin, Texas, will be in the Event Center for the day hosting two events.

The first event, Epic Office Hours, kicks off at 1pm, connects you with some of the greatest influencers and investors in the state of Texas. Think of it like speed-dating for your business! Josh has been instrumental in connecting entrepreneurs with significant financial investments in Austin, and he wants to replicate that here in the Alamo City.

Later in the day, Josh will host an AMA at 4pm for the community to divulge his experience and knowledge in how to fundraise successfully and efficiently here in Texas. When it comes to scaling out your business, Josh is a crucial resource of expertise in anticipating financial challenges and knowing how to overcome them.

Click here to register for the Epic Office Hours event. It’s worth mentioning that this event is absolutely free to attend and can potentially have fantastic results for your company!

Click here to register for the AMA with Joshua Baer. Admission is $10, which includes catered food and a happy hour immediately following the presentation.

Events such as these are landmark moments for burgeoning ecosystems like ours, and it could also be a landmark moment for your company. Sign up now and let’s make this a success not only for yourself or for Geekdom, but for the future of San Antonio!

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