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Beta launch of Geekdom Mentorship starts on Today

Today is the very first Mentor Madness! What’s that? Basically, it’s a week where we try to get as many mentors as possible here at Geekdom to answer your most pressing questions and give advice. This will be a regular monthly event occurring on the first business week of the month. You can book mentors using this link. This is our first attempt at Mentor Madness so we appreciate you all for being our guinea pigs and would love any feedback you have about the process. 

                                                           Mentorsfor june

Meet the Mentors 

Who are the amazing mentors who have agreed to dispense wisdom and test out the new process? Michael Girdley (serial entrepreneur & founder of Codeup), Dax Moreno (sales guru), Matt Egan (SEO/web dev), Lorenzo Gomez (storytelling/microscripts), Luke Owen (operations/startups), and Trey Holder (production/distribution). Nick Longo will also be around all week (awesome!) and sent his calendar out in an earlier email. 

We are beyond excited to bring such a crazy week to our community. This is a total beta, so please let us know what you think and how we can make this better.


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