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Happy New Year everyone!

2017 is already over, can you believe it?! We here at Geekdom sure can’t. Like a snap of your fingers, this year went by at breakneck speed while startups, entrepreneurs, and even Geekdom itself took risks, created new innovative projects, and continued to fulfill the Geekdom philosophy of blossoming the SA tech scene here downtown.

So, with all that, let’s take a quick look back at some of this year’s highlights and toast to an even greater 2018!

Soaring to New Heights: White Cloud Drones Takes to the Skies

There’s no argument that drones have become a major player in the technology industry. Wesley Pruitt and Adam Dusenbury saw an opportunity to combine flight and preprogrammed flight patterns with HD footage to create a media company to rule the skies. Creating aerial shots that usually require helicopters to obtain, Wes and Adam quickly found business with everyone from CPS energy, to the Spurs foundation, and even the Dodge car company and their line of Vipers. Seriously, check out this video they made on Texas’ famous “Devil’s Backbone” highway!

As their business grew, so dd their need for more office space. Unfortunately, Adam and Wes had to move their operations out of Geekdom, but they continue to be active members within the Geekdom community. They recently helped Alberto Pina with a few videos and clips for his Braustin Mobile Homes business.

Head on over to their Facebook page to read more about some of the incredible things Adam and Wes have accomplished this year!

Dreaming Big: Winslow Swart Launches 1 Million Dreams

Do you have any big dreams? Travel to Europe? Start a Business? Win a marathon? Do you ever stop and think your dream might just be too big to achieve? Winslow knows that fear all too well, but he wanted to find a way to silence that doubt and create a new way to organize that dream to make it become a reality. Hence, One Million Dreams was founded.

Working with software developers both in and out of Geekdom, Winslow spent 2017 building a smartphone app that can help you set up goals, checkpoints, and milestones that help you turn your dream into a reality, step-by-step. And last month, Winslow held a launch party for the beta version of his app! Here is an article by KSAT on the Android beta version, which is currently available on the Google Play store. Go download it and start planning your next big life milestone!

Social Media Meets Local Government: Alberto Altamirano’s CityFlag¬†

One Million Dreams was also instrumental in helping another Geekdom member, Alberto Altamirano, with CityFlag. Coming from Austin in 2015, Alberto had the idea of creating a more intuitive, social media-friendly way of interacting with local government regarding public issues and problems. Instead of calling 311, people will post on CityFlag’s smartphone app that connects citizens to public services and local government leaders.

It was a bold enough idea that it caught Xconomy’s attention with an article here, and to make things even more incredible, Alberto was named one of the top 30 social entrepreneurs under 30 by Forbes! Congratulations Alberto!


These are just a few of the amazing accomplishments done this year by our Geekdom community, without which Geekdom would never exist. Every day, the 6th, 7th, and 8th floor of the Rand building bustles with our fantastic community members working toward making downtown the place to be. And Geekdom will be there to succeed along with them. As we look ahead to 2018, get ready to see Geekdom transform into an even better place to turn your startup idea into a bonafide success story. The basement of the Rand building will be totally redesigned into a new resource center for Geekdom members, while the 7th and 8t floors will also start to see aesthetic and functional improvements to better utilize the physical space to tell our story.

Lastly, we the Geekdom staff would like to thank all of you for joining us on this incredible journey. We wish all of you a fantastic New Year, and hope 2018 will be as incredible for all of you as it will be for us. Cheers!

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