Our Impact

  •  We want to concentrate more talent in San Antonio. We want there to be a stronger tech scene downtown and more happening to where people can find a really vibrant community here.

    Graham Weston Geekdom Cofounder
  •  Geekdom has transformed into the new way that cities need to be doing economic development.

    Lorenzo Gomez III Geekdom Cofounder
  •  We need to appeal to young creative-class workers and entrepreneurs and continue to build a story that San Antonio is a great place to build a tech career and a startup.

    David Heard Tech Bloc CEO
  •  There’s this mindset that people want to a part of building something, rather than moving to a place that has already been built. And I think that’s a powerful thing.

    Will Garrett Vice-president of Cybersecurity, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
  •  Ecosystems create entrepreneurs and Geekdom is the center of the ecosystem.

    Bill Schley BrandTeam Six Co-founder, NYT Best-selling author, Brand Expert

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  We Want You Here 

 We Want You Here