In an effort to build more meaningful connections between SA’s local government and it’s tech & entrepreneur community, Geekdom and the City of San Antonio’s Office of Innovation have teamed up to create CivTechSA.


The mission of this unique, civic engagement program centers around the collaborative problem-solving of various city challenges as well as facilitating the growth of our local startup ecosystem. By working with a wide-array of partners, sponsors, and organizations within the San Antonio community, CivTechSA will engage the city’s growing and diverse pool of tech & entrepreneurial talent in four developmental stages:

  • Junior High and High School Students
  • College & University Students
  • Entrepreneurs & Tech Workforce
  • Startups


Participants in the program will be introduced to city challenges, with varying degrees of complexity, via events that are tailored to their specific group throughout the next 12 months. Through these events and the increased activity between communities, CivTechSA will help the city recognize a number of benefits including helping to combat brain drain, promoting civic engagement, and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit in our city government.


If you are interested in learning more about this program in a sponsorship or partnership capacity, please contact the CivTechSA Program Manager for Geekdom, Joyce Deuley , at

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