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As some of you may know, over the weekend we lost a staple in the community, a long-time member, and a close friend to many. Alan Weinkrantz was killed while dining at one of his favorite restaurants in Tel Aviv when a driver lost control after having a heart attack and crashed into the cafe. Three people were killed and six injured.

If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Alan, you undoubtedly understood why he was as well-known and respected in our community as he was. Not only did he offer to help you in any way he could, but his passion for San Antonio, its tech scene, and entrepreneurship was infectious and palpable. As one of the very first Geekdom members, Alan travelled the world spreading the word of his favorite co-working space. It was no surprise when his son Aaron told us that he was accustomed to seeing his dad wear Geekdom shirts at least 5 times a week.

The constant story I’ve heard since his passing really tells you so much about the kind of person Alan was. During his time as a Geekdom office member he would travel often, but he didn’t want his office to go unused by our community. We’ve all heard the phrase, “My door is always open”. Well, he meant it. He let it be known that anytime he wasn’t around, his office was yours. He wanted a place for us to have meetings with our clients, take phone calls, and for one member, a place to sleep while he got back on his feet. To honor him, we are dedicating the one conference room that has a downtown view to our friend. Come Friday, Donkey Kong Conference Room on the 7th floor will now be known as The Weinkrantz Conference Room.  We invite you to swing by anytime Friday and leave a message on the whiteboard wall.

We are all heartbroken, but we knew Alan, and he’d want us to be happy, to celebrate, to sing, to dance. So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to see our great friend off with the tunes of his favorite band, The Beatles. So please join us on Monday June 27th at the Paper Tiger for the Alan Weinkrantz Memorial Bash. There will be tears but they’ll be combined with smiles. There will be hugs, but only as we embrace and sing our favorite Beatles songs.

All proceeds will go directly to help pay for his funeral expenses and help his kids Aaron and Lauren in this time of need. We can’t wait to hear how Alan made you smile, how he befriended you, how he helped connect you in this amazing community we have. If you cannot make it and would like contribute, please consider donating by clicking here.

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