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It’s Week Two of Startup Next — which means it’s time to spotlight another company, and once again, it’s a #GeekdomBuilt company. Say Howdy to Evermarket! Evermarket is made up of another power trio, Tom Kaufeldt (CEO), Kevin La Rue (CMO) and Donovan Becker who runs Product Development. Evermarket is looking to become the go-to Military Community Marketplace, and will soon be launching a robust online marketplace based on the principles of trust and transparency to serve the needs of the U.S. Military community.


Tim shared that at first they just wanted to be a safe alternative to After doing countless hours of market research, they found that the demographic that they were trying to target did, in fact, exist — they were just guarded off in Military bases. Having been a Military brat himself, Tim remembered how much of a pain it was to move from one base to another. He found himself constantly buying and selling many of the same items due to the inherently constricted nature of moving. However, when the Evermarket platform launches, Military families will now have a marketplace filled with verified servicemen and women (both current and past) ready to help each other buy and sell relevant goods.

Once you have success, you have to find a way to give it back.” -Tim Kaufeldt

What’s different about EverMarket is that they are not in this for the money — they want to help those members of the Military Community that continue to protect this country. Tim and the gang will be donating up to 50% of all revenue back into charitable causes identified by the Military Community they serve, and even more importantly, will use the EverMarket platform to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to Military spouses.  In other words, you will not see them rolling in Ferraris two years from now — they all circled the wagon and agreed that they had a bigger purpose here than anything money can buy. “Once you have success, you have to find a way to give it back.” -Tim Kaufeldt
You can find Evermarket on the 8th floor pretty much anytime the sun is up (and possibly even when the sun has set!). During Startup Next, they are looking forward to perfecting their pitch, bouncing ideas off of their mentors and hammering out their business plan.

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