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Community Spotlight: BySurface (and Quadrangular)

As far as neighbors go, Mexico has no shortage of ties to Texas; whether it’s business, political, economical, or culinary (queso has become a staple of the Texan diet), you can’t argue how our cultures have drawn from one another. Here at Geekdom, those ties have begun enticing Mexican entrepreneurs across the border in hopes of expanding their base into the USA marketplace.

“In Mexico we do business as Cuadrangular, we are known as the team that handled the digital campaign of the current governor of Nuevo Leon (Monterrey),” said Ruben Morales, of BySurface. “The challenge was that we needed to use technology to do something that has never been done before, which was to help on the digital side to win an election for an independent candidate, meaning that he had no political party.”

Ruben and his team at BySurface are all about the polished, higher end web design experience. As the average Google search result rises into the quintillions, the need for delivering sharp, intuitive web products that maximize results and minimize grief.

“No matter where you go, there will always be competition. Our most important tenet is ‘We Believe in Great Software Experiences’ and that means from the moment we meet with our clients, until we deliver the final product, it is all an experience. Beautiful digital products and outstanding customer care is key to us.”

While the entire company employs nearly 30 members, only a handful made the transfer here to the Alamo city to start the expansion. It was actually the 2016 Start Up Weekend event that made Ruben and his coworkers agree that Geekdom needed to be their new home in USA.

“We spoke with some Mexican entrepreneurs that are doing business here, then we brought part of our team to last year’s start up weekend so they could hang out with locals and see how the interaction was.”

As Ruben (and others) point out, San Antonio has become a sweet-spot of sorts for Hispanic development and business. With an already established and welcoming community, coupled with much more affordability than any other major Texas city, it’s no surprise more and more Mexican companies are eyeing our city as their next major growth.

“San Antonio has the perfect conditions for Mexican tech entrepreneurs because of the culture, the growing tech ecosystem and the openness.”

For more information about Ruben and his team, check out their site BySurface, or their Mexican counterpart Quadrangular!

San Antonio Artificial Intelligence Meetup

This is the kickoff meeting for the San Antonio Artificial Intelligence meetup . This first event will feature speakers about practical machine learning, and facilitate discussions and introductions to set the scope for the meetup and plan its goals. Food and drink will be provided, and anyone wishing to speak about their project (commercial or non-commercial) should contact Richard.

Calling All Entrepreneurs: 3DS is Here!

Google, Facebook, Uber, Favor—Where did they all begin? Before the money, before the TED talks, and before the success, every single major company, service, and smart app were all the same thing: An idea.

Ideas are the true genesis of innovation. But how do they evolve from just an idea to a business plan? From a business plan to a company? From a company to a movement?

It all starts somewhere. And here at Geekdom, we want our community to have every opportunity to take their ideas to the next level, and that’s where 3-Day Startup comes in.

3DS is one of our major programs dedicated to bringing in leading mentors and new workshops meant to help every member earn how to make the journey of turning your new age ideas into new age businesses, all in three rapid-fire days.

And here’s the kicker—It’s all FREE. All you have to do is apply!! Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Apply online right here (and quickly, spots are almost gone!)
  2. Come to the Geekdom Event Center on Friday, March 23rd at 5 pm for the kickoff
  3. Get hustling!

Over the next 54 hours, the program facilitator will lead everyone through dedicated brainstorming sessions, along with some pitch/feeback sessions and team selection (no great idea got its start going solo!).

Food, beverages, and a bottomless supply of coffee will be provided for the entire group throughout the weekend, so you won’t need to worry about dipping into your personal finances.

3DS isn’t meant to be a competition; its purpose is about learning, collaborating, and helping each other turn ideas into something real. If you’re still skeptical, here’s a healthy list of companies that were created as a direct result of participating in 3DS. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so why not make that first step count? See you there!

Ask Me Anything with Venture Capitalists in San Antonio

Fundraising for your startup? Hear an overview from experienced entrepreneurs and angel investors, get a chance to introduce yourself and ask questions at the next edition of Ask Me Anything with Venture Capitalists in San Antonio.

Already taken a tour of Geekdom? Awesome! The event starts at 4:30 PM after the 4:00 PM tour.

4:00 pm – Intro to Geekdom
4:30 pm – Intro to Fundraising
5:00 pm – Ask Me Anything with Venture Capitalists
6:00 pm – Fundraising Happy Hour

You can check out the slides and video from previous talks before you come here. The content is updated each month because the startup scene is always changing!

You’ll get answers to questions like…
• How do I meet my first investors?
• Should I do an equity round or convertible note?
• Should I join an accelerator?
• How do I figure out my valuation?
• How long will it take to raise funding?
• What will it cost?

You will find out about…
• Geekdom
• Capital Factory
• Texas Angel Investors
• Texas Venture Capitalists
• Texas Incubators & Accelerators
• Startup Lawyers
• Startup Banks
• Pitch Events
• AngelList
• Syndicates
• Angels vs. VC’s
• Crowdfunding
• Blogs to read

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