Virtual Coworking For
Remote Entrepreneurs

A Coworking community that goes everywhere you go

What is a Virtual Office?

Now, you don’t have to come to a physical location to enjoy the benefits traditionally found in a shared office space. Geekdom offers a virtual office solution for remote workers and entrepreneurs looking for the benefits of coworking while enjoying ultimate flexibility. Geekdom’s virtual membership is perfect for anyone who wants resources, workshops, networking, and community in an online format.

Everyone can join our innovative community of professionals and be part of San Antonio’s business ecosystem,  any time of the day from where ever you are. All the benefits of coworking at Geekdom are now as close as your mobile device. Connect with local experts, find new business contacts, explore resources and mentorship programs.

Geekdom’s Virtual Membership

Starting at $20 a month, Geekdom’s Virtual Membership is for anyone looking to join our collaborative community of business leaders and innovators. Featuring access to the all-new Geekdom Network, this membership opens up the flexibility and possibilities of virtual coworking. Using this private social community platform, Geekdom members can connect to resources and peers, collaborate with each other, and share content.

Members can be active participants in the Geekdom entrepreneurial ecosystem and enjoy virtual events from anywhere. Virtual membership features all the best resources, benefits, and connections our community has to offer. Collaborate with team members and meet new business contacts. Discover mentoring programs, resources, and funding to take your business to the next level. Geekdom’s virtual membership brings you into the San Antonio business community, no matter where you are. And should you want to drop into our coworking space in the heart of San Antonio’s downtown tech district, you can for just $10 a day!

Become a Part of Our Virtual Coworking Community

Community is a hallmark of Geekdom. We believe everyone has something to offer. Our members seek opportunities to collaborate. Geekdom’s core value is “be helpful,” and members are encouraged to give back. This core value is the centerpiece of Geekdom’s virtual membership. The Geekdom Network is a community platform exclusively for members, so you can make real connections with like-minded people. Wherever you are, we invite you to join Geekdom’s collaborative online workspace and discover all the possibilities being a part of our community has to offer.