What is Geekdom?

Geekdom is a new kind of collaborative coworking space where Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Developers, Makers & Creatives help each other build businesses & other cool things together.

Home to over 200 Startups!

Geekdom is the largest coworking space in Texas, with 45,000 Sq Ft of Geeks and Entrepreneurs.

No contracts.

No deposits.

No landlords.

Just smart people changing the world.

  • 45,000 Sq. Ft.
  • No Long-Term Leases
  • Dedicated Desks & Offices
  • Free Wi-Fi (of course)
  • Month-to-Month Membership

Community Membership


Shared Community Space

Desk in Community Areas

24-7 Access

*$25 for Rackspace Employees

Dedicated Tech Startup Desk


Dedicated Personal Desk

Office Space

24-7 Access

Mailing Address & Parking

The Members

Some of the 600+ members that call Geekdom home. See More.

Mark Graban


I want to make healthcare safer and less expensive - and a less frustrating workplace

A gathering place for entrepreneurs and learning

Rebecca Reser


Create marketing strategies exclusively for socially conscious companies & organizations.

Brings all the local entrepreneurs together which is humbling, inspiring & enabling.

Brandon Ashton


Reintroduce people to their childhood sense of curiosity.

I've learned a lot from the people I've met here.

Pat Condon


I want to demystify the startup process and the "entrepreneurial path" for students.

It's the best place in San Antonio to collaborate with like minded people.

Walter Teele


I want to leverage technology to solve people's most crucial problems.

GDom is the platform where I grew up to be in the life path that I wanted to be.

Jorge Amodio


Inspiring and helping young entrepreneurs and kids to envision new technologies

Geekdom provides a great atmosphere that sparks innovation and collaborative work

Travis McGehee


I want to make a positive impact on the future of the entertainment industry.

Geekdom is so awesome now that I am a member! ... Seriously, is that even a question?

Mikel Chamblee


I want to bring education to everyone, everywhere.

DUH, have you been there?

Matt Gonzales


I want to help passionate individuals realize their vision.

Geekdom is a great place to lose yourself in a world of innovation and creativity.

Leticia Barrientos


By making it easier for people to exchange goods and services with or without money.

It just is.

Blake Yeager


I want to create technology that enables people to do revolutionary things.

The community environment and the focus on collaboration make Geekdom awesome.

Gary Whitford


I want to help the species evolve to peace among each other and with the biosphere

Geekdom is an opportunity for creative people to collaborate and make change.

Let's get together and hang out.

We're a pretty lively bunch over here, there's always something cool going on.

Looking for a great place to host your event?

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