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The Words of Those Here Everyday

  •     Coming from Houston, a big city, San Antonio was small in my eyes. Now that I work downtown, I see a growing city versus a city that’s already built.

    Pebbles Le
    Pebbles Le Programs Manager CivTech
  •     My goal is to know everyone within the community so well that when a member reaches out to me looking for a certain skill, I immediately know someone.

    Lorenzo Martinez
    Lorenzo Martinez Membership Manager
  • I know trying to create something can be scary. As the Office Manager, I want to make sure our members feel supported, and know we are here to help.

    Torii  Salinas
    Torii Salinas Office Manager

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The Geekdom Team

Graham Weston

On a mission to create constructive environments for startups and entrepreneurs to flourish in the San Antonio area, Graham cofounded Rackspace, Geekdom, and the 80/20 Foundation, and owns Weston Ventures, Inc and Trout Capital Ltd. This Texas A&M alumnus and author is focused on building and maintaining fertile environments for young entrepreneurs to learn the skills they need to create the next wave of innovation.

Nick Longo

A serial entrepreneur with a true noble cause, Nick, Geekdom’s Mentor-in-Chief is always brewing up something great. He founded CoffeeCup Software and Bluedomino Web Hosting before selling both. He has served as the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Rackspace and has provided marketing and entrepreneurial support to Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi andSan Antonio. This rainmaker and ideologist has mentored thousands of startups in his 20+ year career in business and tech.

Lorenzo Gomez III

Having been at Geekdom since the beginning, Lorenzo has led numerous entrepreneurial initiatives to fortify the tech ecosystem. He’s served as Geekdom executive director and CEO, while cofounding and managing the 80/20 Foundation and Tech Bloc. He has added “Cilantro Diaries” author, Geekdom Media cofounder and podcast personality on The Brand Brothers to his repertoire.He’s a tenacious team player and technologist with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Charles Woodin

Charles leverages his service and business acumen to help new Geekdom members integrate into the downtown tech district. Combining his past experience in the United States Air Force and with Apple, he assists members, particularly veterans, active military and their spouses, with their startup journey. He has an Associates in educational/instructional technology, military intelligence and Korean language literature.

Anna Gutierrez

Overseeing all of Geekdom’s internal and external programs, Anna ensures members have access to resources they need to progress. With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Secondary Education, she’s knowledgeable in instructional design, and only implements programming that delivers the most value to the Geekdom community. She enjoys seeing members’ ideas transform into businesses.

Janice Riley

Janice brings a widely varied background to the table with experience in government contracting, partnering with several Federal Labs, conducting business development for startups as well as managing a business incubator in Maryland for six years. Having served on multiple community development boards, Janice focuses on relationship building and ecosystem growth. She loves a great strategy session to help startups think outside the box on achieving success.

Joyce Deuley

Utilizing a strategic approach to collaboratively solving various challenges facing the City of San Antonio, Joyce finds the brains behind local startups to fix these problems. This cooperative approach facilitates growth of the local startup ecosystem. This University of the Incarnate Word alumna is also an entrepreneur, contributor, advisory board member and ambassador for local organizations.

Ashley Uptmore

A native San Antonian, Ashley’s background is in nonprofit and marketing. A graduate of Texas A&M University, she helps members grow professionally and personally by organizing a variety of educational programs. She organizes Mentor Week, Geekdom Workshops and major weekend bootcamps. She gains inspiration from hearing members’ stories about their passionate entrepreneurial quest for success.

Torii Salinas

As a proponent of tech, Torii’s role is to oversee Geekdom’s projects and manage operations at the front desk. This UTSA grad and former cheerleader enjoys her work because she’s a witness to entrepreneurial dreams becoming a reality for members. She leads members to the resources they need to help them to get around.

Lorenzo Martinez

This Venture for America Fellow is all about connecting. In his role, he shows folks around our lively space and helps new members get acquainted with the community. A graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Lorenzo extends a warm welcome to all who visit and work here. As a techie, Geekdom is his home away from home.

Pebbles Le

Seeing entrepreneurs flourish within the Geekdom community is gratifying for Pebbles. The best part of working in this collaborative space is being a part of members’ journey, and seeing the steps they’ve taken to get them closer to their dream. This UTSA grad loves chatting with members at events, and contributing to the downtown tech district.

Jay’Len Boone

Jaylen is a current Senior at UTSA majoring in global affairs. He loves traveling and empowering young people to be changemakers. As the CivTech Assistant Program Manager, Jay’Len connects, meets, and creates a pipeline for students to push the city of San Antonio forward.

Megan Nonemaker

As a coordinator for practically every event at Geekdom, Megan’s reward for a job well done is seeing the sparks that fly when members network and connect with each other. For this University of Southern California alumna, her objective is to create positive energy in this coworking space, and help members succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.

Josie Lugo

As a part of the team in charge of all events and marketing here at Geekdom, Josie loves the opportunity to connect with members and hear their stories of growth. A graduate from UTSA, and originally from South Texas, she has enjoyed working in the heart of San Antonio in the Tech District. With a passion for marketing, Josie is excited to spread the story of Geekdom and the Tech District to the entire city of San Antonio.

Jade Schoenberger

The face behind the marketing of our growing brand, Jade is excited to come alongside the community to promote the mission of Geekdom. Creating content for our events and social media gives her a unique way to engage the community and hear the stories that are impacting our city. This Trinity University grad, Students+Startups intern, and former college volleyball player originally hails from California but loves being a part of our growing city.

Matt Munroe

Excited to be working in a community that fosters innovation and collaboration, Matt supports Geekdom’s staff with membership management, office management and event coordination. This future International business and Spanish graduate of Trinity University is soaking this new experience as he works in different departments, gaining various perspectives of how a business is run.

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