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2023 Geekdom Incubator Selects 15 Startup Companies


Geekdom, San Antonio’s collaborative startup community, has selected 15 startup companies to participate in its initial 2023 Geekdom Incubator, an eight-week program designed to help first-time founders and early-stage entrepreneurs refine their startup ideas, learn business basics, build their network, and take the first steps towards traction.

“Geekdom supports entrepreneurs and their visions at every stage of their journeys. The Geekdom Incubator helps founders focus as they cultivate their ideas, conduct market
research, refine their product or service and seek their first customers, ” said Geekdom program manager Jon Ryan Garcia. “Our end goal is to help these companies succeed and
retain them in the growing San Antonio startup ecosystem.”

This cohort’s teams include:

● Craved, founded by Kushagra Chopra, is an all-natural, low-calorie banana-based ice
cream that consumers indulge in every day as a healthy dessert option.

● GeoRanch, founded by Sonja Howle, is a platform that connects landowners with new,
beginning, and expanding farmers and leasing ranchers.

● Hand Me Up, founded by Kara Livingston and Nicole Boynton, is looking to cut down on
textile waste and overconsumption of fast fashion through repurposing secondhand
children’s clothing.

● Larunda Accessibility Solutions, founded by Lē Silveus, Erica Braverman, and Julieanne
King, expands what it means to be inclusive with digital accessibility and neurodiversity-
focused services.

● Nourish’d, founded by Amina Thomas, provides access to healthier food options
through the placement of smart fridges in public and semi-public areas.

● CL Innovations, founded by Christy Limegrover, uses leadership and business strategies
to save people time and energy and reduce stress and overwhelm through optimization.

● Central Media One, founded by Jacob De Leon, is a media company that focuses on
creating vertical content for professional athletes.

● BrakeSense, founded by Elijah Moya, Gabriel Ferrer, Laura Barnes, and Adittya Das, is
developing technology that digitizes the brake inspection process, helping drivers
accurately measure, predict, and visualize brake health.

● CyberBennett, founded by Bennett Hendrix III, is a media company that produces
books, films, and puzzles that focus on cybersecurity education and awareness.

● Yocal, founded by Steve Matzker, is creating an immersive AR-driven search engine for
Web 3.

● The Home Inspection Software, founded by Gerran Hill, is a subscription-based SaaS
platform for home inspectors that allows them to establish a modern, big-company
footprint in one space and on one dashboard on day one.

● Good Food App, founded by Carolina Contreras, is a mobile app to help restaurants sell
surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away.

● Day in the Life, founded by Armando Cazares, is a micro-internship listing website that
will offer high school students the opportunity to gain real world experience in careers
and help them decide on their college major.

● Autopilot, founded by Bernando Garcia, is automation software that allows users to
post once and run it everywhere, which will modify and optimize the content for each

● CommunIT, founded by Alex Usov, is a platform for IT vendors and IT professionals that
gives them the framework to exchange services.

At the conclusion of the eight-week program, each of the 15 startups prepare for Showcase Day on Wednesday, March 22 at 6:00-8:00 p.m. The founders will give their elevator pitches, demo or introduce their product or service, and hand out marketing materials at the event. Showcase Day is open to the public.

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