Ray Cantu, a San Antonio native who returned to his roots, and Eliot Gerstel, a newcomer from Los Angeles, found themselves at Geekdom, a coworking space and collaborative startup community that sparked the ignition of their creative partnership.

Ray initially used Geekdom’s coworking space for his real estate ventures, hoping that staying in the environment might trigger an innovative idea and was among the first to explore the prototype of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool. Eliot came into Geekdom with a strong marketing and writing background. Their diverse backgrounds and skills complemented one another perfectly, showcasing the essence of “Born at Geekdom.”

coldCALR wins Geekdom coworking investment

Sales Training Tool Powered by AI Finds Home Through Geekdom Coworking

In early 2023, the duo’s journey aligned with AI advancements, specifically in using AI to simulate real conversations. They harnessed this AI capability to revolutionize how sales calls were conducted and how sales professionals’ performances were assessed. 

In a world dominated by AI, it’s creativity that sets leaders apart from followers. The mantra “What If” guided their journey, propelling them forward in the fiercely competitive AI arena. When asked about his time at Geekdom Ray went on to say “From the very beginning, Geekdom’s ecosystem played a vital role, offering a nurturing environment and a platform for receiving invaluable feedback.” 

The journey of ColdCALR began aimed at teaching the art of cold calling. The product saw immediate success with rapid adoption by local real estate firms, and is continuing to see growth throughout Texas. 


Flex Your Sales Muscle With Real Time Generated Conversations 

ColdCALR’s ultimate vision is to provide an adaptable AI tool that simulates real conversations. The AI generates random personalities and objection types, enabling endless practice and building the confidence salespeople need. The platform empowers managers with insightful dashboards, enabling them to optimize team performance effectively. This all all accomplished with ColdCALR’s unique algorithm that is training the AI to simulate specific sales scenarios. 

ColdCALR represents the perfect blend of AI technology and the incredible potential that can be unlocked when like-minded individuals come together in a dynamic, supportive coworking space like Geekdom.

Learn more about their journey here: https://www.coldcalr.com

Are You The Next Geekdom Coworking Success Story?

Visit Geekdom and Explore Membership Options:

Experience the atmosphere firsthand by visiting Geekdom in San Antonio. Take a tour, meet fellow innovators, and soak in the dynamic energy that fuels creative collaborations.

Geekdom offers various membership plans tailored to different needs. Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur, a startup team, or an established business, there’s a membership plan that suits you. Not sure what program is right for you, dive into some of the free programming to get put on a track or just grab a day pass and start networking. 

Geekdom regularly hosts events, workshops, and networking sessions. Stay updated on their events calendar to find activities that align with your interests. Attending these gatherings provides opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators.

Geekdom Programs For Startup Funding:

Geekdom often runs programs and initiatives to support entrepreneurs and startups. Keep an eye out for announcements about accelerator programs, mentorship opportunities, and other initiatives. Great news for startup founders seeking funding our incubator program for Q1 of 2024 just opened applications. Learn more about the program and apply here. 

Share Your Story:

 Geekdom thrives on collaboration. Don’t hesitate to reach out to fellow members, attend meetups, and explore potential partnerships. The next breakthrough collaboration could be yours! 

If you’ve launched a project or startup as a result of your time at Geekdom, share your success story. Geekdom loves to showcase the achievements of its members, and your journey could inspire others. For more information on how to get your company featured on an upcoming Geekdom blog check out our more details section located in the 8th floor founder’s lounge. 

With co-working and mentorship all under one roof, you have all the resources you need to build the next great thing.

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