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Shifting into Drive: Geekdom Pre-Accelerator Announces the First Class

Last month, Geekdom announced the launch of its very own Pre-Accelerator program, designed to help organize, develop, and galvanize new startups into fully-developed business plans worthy of real investment.

Well, after a review of applications and idea presentations, today is a red-letter day for Geekdom as the pre-accelerator, in partnership with Alamo Angels, announce the first class of teams to enter the program!

“We had more than 20 San Antonio startups apply to the program,” said Luke Owen, Co-Director of the Pre-Accelerator program, “The quality of startups that applied demonstrate the demand for more programs like this to support our local tech ecosystem.”

If you want to know more about the program, click here to head over to the website and to find out more. Now, let’s meet the teams that the Pre-Accelerator is about to whip into shape:

Ryan Ward, Co-Founder


John West, Co-Founder

Partnering with retail software providers, Scraffic provides foot traffic counting solutions and valuable traffic data to retailers of all sizes. Looking to disrupt the traditional models of monitoring foot traffic patterns, Scraffic has created an affordable and easy to install solution to empower retailers with powerful new data.


Jonathan Perry, Founder

Using the latest video game engine technology on the market, Ractive develops interactive virtual reality experiences to accelerate test performance, reaction times, and decision making skills. Ractive is currently focused on developing training scenarios that teach skills for saving lives!

Alberto Pina, Founder

Devoted to making the process of buying a manufactured home faster, Braustin Docs allows a home buyer to navigate the home buying process from their mobile device. After the home is delivered, Docs allows a homeowner to generate a punch list with pictures needed to order parts and complete service all in a single trip.

Julia Bates, Founder

Posture has been one of the biggest burdens on the average working professional. Mello{be} is a more comfortable and versatile meditation cushion designed to improve balance, posture, leg strength, as well as encourage the mind-body connection.

Quentin Burke, Founder

Divvee is a corporate meal delivery service designed to make it easy for companies to order from top local restaurants using a new ordering platform. Crafted from a large variety of menus curated from dishes across the city, you’ll never have to settle for a sandwich-and-soup combo ever again.

Brett Davidoff, Co-Founder


Nicholas Ramos, Co-Founder

Clutche us a smartphone application that connects venue customers directly to the vendors. Using their application, user can order anything from food, drinks, and merchandise to be delivered directly to their seats! No line, no waiting, no problem.


Beginning April 19th and culminating in a demo day on May 31st, these six teams will meet and work with mentors and speakers to help guide them through the rigors of setting up a business structure while also developing their product for debut. At the end of the program, real investors will be able to select a winning team to invest $10,000 toward their product or service!

For more information and updates on the program, bookmark their website, and be sure to join us on May 31st to see their presentations and final products!

Calling All Entrepreneurs: 3DS is Here!

Google, Facebook, Uber, Favor—Where did they all begin? Before the money, before the TED talks, and before the success, every single major company, service, and smart app were all the same thing: An idea.

Ideas are the true genesis of innovation. But how do they evolve from just an idea to a business plan? From a business plan to a company? From a company to a movement?

It all starts somewhere. And here at Geekdom, we want our community to have every opportunity to take their ideas to the next level, and that’s where 3-Day Startup comes in.

3DS is one of our major programs dedicated to bringing in leading mentors and new workshops meant to help every member earn how to make the journey of turning your new age ideas into new age businesses, all in three rapid-fire days.

And here’s the kicker—It’s all FREE. All you have to do is apply!! Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Apply online right here (and quickly, spots are almost gone!)
  2. Come to the Geekdom Event Center on Friday, March 23rd at 5 pm for the kickoff
  3. Get hustling!

Over the next 54 hours, the program facilitator will lead everyone through dedicated brainstorming sessions, along with some pitch/feeback sessions and team selection (no great idea got its start going solo!).

Food, beverages, and a bottomless supply of coffee will be provided for the entire group throughout the weekend, so you won’t need to worry about dipping into your personal finances.

3DS isn’t meant to be a competition; its purpose is about learning, collaborating, and helping each other turn ideas into something real. If you’re still skeptical, here’s a healthy list of companies that were created as a direct result of participating in 3DS. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so why not make that first step count? See you there!

Community Spotlight: Samar Shah

Here at Geekdom, our community is a bustling group of entrepreneurs, start ups, and professionals from just about every industry out there. Every so often, we like to have one of our own come forward and give us some insight into their corner of business to help us better understand what they do. On this occasion, we asked Samar Shah, Managing Partner of Shah IP Law, a patent strategy firm here in San Antonio. 

For his post, Samar walks us through the subject of patenting software and describes some of the intricacies when coding meets law. 

Here is some trivia to test your knowledge about software patent eligibility: can you successfully patent a piece of software that incorporates a self-referential lookup table to improve a database system’s memory configuration?  What about a piece of software that enables a user to archive digital images over a cellular network?

The answer is (as you would expect in almost all legal contexts)–“it depends.”  Recent Supreme Court decisions and subsequent lower court opinions have introduced significant ambiguity to a traditionally straightforward analysis.  Today, we need quite a bit more information before we can make a patentability determination on the questions posed above, including more information on the underlying technology, and how the patent application is written.

If the software in question improves “computer functionality” (i.e. improves computing speeds or reduces the amount of computing resources required), or performs the computing tasks in an unconventional way, then it may be patentable.

The answer also depends on how the patent is written.  Notice how the lookup table question above describes a technical feature of software (self-referential lookup table).  Whereas, the archiving system question describes what a user is enabled to do as a result of the software (archive digital images).  The former approach is more like to be deemed patentable, while the latter approach is more likely to be deemed unpatentable.  To put it in more startup friendly terms, if your patent is focused on one way to solve a customer’s pain point, then you have a better shot at patentability.  But, if your patent attempts to claim the benefits that a customer will enjoy as a result of your software, then your invention will likely be deemed unpatentable.

Put simply, Software based inventions are still patentable in the United States.  But, in order to patent eligibly, software patent applications must meet certain technical requirements, and must be written very carefully.

Although these requirements seem straightforward, there is much confusion about how to apply these requirements to sort software inventions into various patentability buckets.  Unfortunately, the patentability question for software inventions often comes down to how the patent and the patent claims are written.

You can improve your odds of getting a patent by describing the technical (read engineering) challenges in your field of invention, and specifically describing the solutions that you have come up with to address those challenges.  Moreover, you must claim your invention very carefully.  You should not claim every method of relieving a particular pain point.  Instead, your claims should be narrowly tailored to claim only the solutions that you have come up with.

Quick Detour:
should software be patentable in the first place?

Before we jump into a discussion of software patent eligibility, it is important to at least acknowledge a viewpoint held by many developers: software shouldn’t be patentable in the first place.  Many techies argue that software patents actually impede innovation, and that 99% of software is neither “novel” nor “non-obvious” to other developers who are equally skilled in the same technical field.  (All inventions must be “novel” and “non-obvious” in order to be patentable).  (Brad Feld outlined some of these criticisms in his blog post here).

We tend to agree, and sympathize, with the anti-software-patent community, but software patents are often an important point of emphasis for some investors and large corporate buyers.  We are not taking a position on the larger philosophical debate here; we aim to simply demystify the laws around software patent eligibility based on the rules that have been promulgated by the United States Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court.


One for the Books: Geekdom’s 2017 in Review

Happy New Year everyone!

2017 is already over, can you believe it?! We here at Geekdom sure can’t. Like a snap of your fingers, this year went by at breakneck speed while startups, entrepreneurs, and even Geekdom itself took risks, created new innovative projects, and continued to fulfill the Geekdom philosophy of blossoming the SA tech scene here downtown.

So, with all that, let’s take a quick look back at some of this year’s highlights and toast to an even greater 2018!

Soaring to New Heights: White Cloud Drones Takes to the Skies

There’s no argument that drones have become a major player in the technology industry. Wesley Pruitt and Adam Dusenbury saw an opportunity to combine flight and preprogrammed flight patterns with HD footage to create a media company to rule the skies. Creating aerial shots that usually require helicopters to obtain, Wes and Adam quickly found business with everyone from CPS energy, to the Spurs foundation, and even the Dodge car company and their line of Vipers. Seriously, check out this video they made on Texas’ famous “Devil’s Backbone” highway!

As their business grew, so dd their need for more office space. Unfortunately, Adam and Wes had to move their operations out of Geekdom, but they continue to be active members within the Geekdom community. They recently helped Alberto Pina with a few videos and clips for his Braustin Mobile Homes business.

Head on over to their Facebook page to read more about some of the incredible things Adam and Wes have accomplished this year!

Dreaming Big: Winslow Swart Launches 1 Million Dreams

Do you have any big dreams? Travel to Europe? Start a Business? Win a marathon? Do you ever stop and think your dream might just be too big to achieve? Winslow knows that fear all too well, but he wanted to find a way to silence that doubt and create a new way to organize that dream to make it become a reality. Hence, One Million Dreams was founded.

Working with software developers both in and out of Geekdom, Winslow spent 2017 building a smartphone app that can help you set up goals, checkpoints, and milestones that help you turn your dream into a reality, step-by-step. And last month, Winslow held a launch party for the beta version of his app! Here is an article by KSAT on the Android beta version, which is currently available on the Google Play store. Go download it and start planning your next big life milestone!

Social Media Meets Local Government: Alberto Altamirano’s CityFlag 

One Million Dreams was also instrumental in helping another Geekdom member, Alberto Altamirano, with CityFlag. Coming from Austin in 2015, Alberto had the idea of creating a more intuitive, social media-friendly way of interacting with local government regarding public issues and problems. Instead of calling 311, people will post on CityFlag’s smartphone app that connects citizens to public services and local government leaders.

It was a bold enough idea that it caught Xconomy’s attention with an article here, and to make things even more incredible, Alberto was named one of the top 30 social entrepreneurs under 30 by Forbes! Congratulations Alberto!


These are just a few of the amazing accomplishments done this year by our Geekdom community, without which Geekdom would never exist. Every day, the 6th, 7th, and 8th floor of the Rand building bustles with our fantastic community members working toward making downtown the place to be. And Geekdom will be there to succeed along with them. As we look ahead to 2018, get ready to see Geekdom transform into an even better place to turn your startup idea into a bonafide success story. The basement of the Rand building will be totally redesigned into a new resource center for Geekdom members, while the 7th and 8t floors will also start to see aesthetic and functional improvements to better utilize the physical space to tell our story.

Lastly, we the Geekdom staff would like to thank all of you for joining us on this incredible journey. We wish all of you a fantastic New Year, and hope 2018 will be as incredible for all of you as it will be for us. Cheers!

Epic Office Hours: Investor Speed Dating with Joshua Baer

Here at Geekdom, we use every resource at our disposal to provide opportunities for members to succeed. As part of that mindset, we recognize the need for outside investment—and securing it—can be real obstacles for companies as they grow.

If you’re looking to meet serious investors, the Ask Me Anything (AMA) event with Capital Factory is the most important event of the year. Here’s what you need to know:

This coming Tuesday, December 12th, Executive Director Joshua Baer of Capital Factory from Austin, Texas, will be in the Event Center for the day hosting two events.

The first event, Epic Office Hours, kicks off at 1pm, connects you with some of the greatest influencers and investors in the state of Texas. Think of it like speed-dating for your business! Josh has been instrumental in connecting entrepreneurs with significant financial investments in Austin, and he wants to replicate that here in the Alamo City.

Later in the day, Josh will host an AMA at 4pm for the community to divulge his experience and knowledge in how to fundraise successfully and efficiently here in Texas. When it comes to scaling out your business, Josh is a crucial resource of expertise in anticipating financial challenges and knowing how to overcome them.

Click here to register for the Epic Office Hours event. It’s worth mentioning that this event is absolutely free to attend and can potentially have fantastic results for your company!

Click here to register for the AMA with Joshua Baer. Admission is $10, which includes catered food and a happy hour immediately following the presentation.

Events such as these are landmark moments for burgeoning ecosystems like ours, and it could also be a landmark moment for your company. Sign up now and let’s make this a success not only for yourself or for Geekdom, but for the future of San Antonio!

2017 Tech Job Fair (Part Deux!!)

Back in April, Techstars, CodeUp, Geekdom, and other sponsors helped make the 2017 Tech Job Fair a major success–so much so, in fact, that there was immediate demand for a repeat performance! So, what better way to please our community (and our evolving ecosystem) than by giving them what they want?

Just like the event in April, the second round of the Tech Job Fair will be held at The Doseum on Tuesday, September 26th, from 5:50-8:30 PM. How can you make sure you’re a part of it, you ask? Just follow these simple steps to register!


  1. Click on this link to head on over to the registration page, and click on the RSVP button to input your information
  2. On Tuesday, throw on something business casual, print out several copies of your resume, and park anywhere in the Doseum parking lot.
  3. At 5:30, only attendees that are on the RSVP list will be allowed in for the first hour.
  4. From 6:30 on, the job fair will be open to the rest of the public.


Just by registering early, you’ll have access to the entire fair for a full hour before the rest of the public!

Are you ready to find the next step in your path to a successful career? Register today!

2017 Start-Up Weekend

It’s officially the Summer season! That means it’s time to break out the BBQ, Clean out the pool, and shotgun an energy drink because it’s time for the 2017 Start-Up Weekend!!

Starting June 2 at 6:30, participants will have a total of 54 hours to take an idea for a new start-up business from conception all the way to proposal! If you’ve ever had an idea for a business that’s been nagging at you in the back of your head, this event is for you!

Beginning with 60-second pitches, a round of voting will consolidate ideas and participants into a selection of teams that go to work on their shared idea. Teams will take over the 8th floor of Geekdom and use every resource at their disposal to research, brainstorm, analyze, and formulate a business plan that is as close to launch as possible for a final presentation on Sunday.

Food and caffeine will be provided to power through the weekend to keep your mind sharp and your brain churning. Not only that, but we’ll have a team of Geekdom mentors and veterans on-hand to help each team with any questions you might have and to give advice and tips along the way.

Of course, no good idea should go unrewarded, which is why awards will be given out sponsored by companies here at Geekdom! Here’s a quick list just to get you even more excited:

  • Geekdom
  • Biltt
  • Innocenti Jones
  • Key Ideas
  • Pear Analytics
  • Ace Screen Graphics

Each of these companies will be awarding packages tailored to your start-up weekend idea to help boost your business plan even closer to a reality. So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this when you could be signing up!?!

The 2017 San Antonio Tech Job Fair is Here!!

2016 was a big year for a lot of reasons. Within the halls of the Rand building, we’ve seen our community grow to include 1,400 community and office members. We also hit our fifth birthday, and we were proud to announce to the entire city that not only has the Geekdom experiment succeeded—it’s accelerating. In downtown alone, over two dozen tech companies have set up shop and brought a renaissance of new energy into the center of San Antonio.

There’s no argument that the demand for technology companies and talent is colossal here in the Alamo city. So trust me when I say there is no greater opportunity than now to get involved with the annual San Antonio Tech Job Fair, this year being hosted at the DoSeum!

On Tuesday, April 11 at 5:30, the DoSeum will be set up with 23 companies happy to answer questions, take resumes, and help hundreds of applicants take the next step in their tech career. If that wasn’t great enough, the first hour will be reserved exclusively for members of Geekdom, Codeup, and the Open Cloud Academy. Just by being a community member, you’re already ahead of the pack!

Companies will be looking for applicants in various fields from web development, software engineering, and network administration, to tech support, web design, digital marketing, and advertising. Here’s just a small sample of the companies that are going to be there, scouting for their next hire:

  • Accenture
  • Easy Expunctions
  • Swipe Track Solutions
  • Harland Clarke
  • Liquid Web
  • USAA
  • HEB
  • WP Engine

Here are some quotes from companies who have sponsored, participated in, and have hired applicants from this job fair in previous years:

  • “My advice for those looking to pursue a tech career is to build every core skill set they can – from programming to coding, networking to security – then identify a company whose corporate culture matches your values, and never stop learning.  With San Antonio’s growing tech scene, in startups and large enterprise, the upcoming Tech Job Fair is the perfect place to make connections, build your network and pitch yourself to your future employer.” –Will Gerrett, Build Sec Foundry
  • “IT jobs are starting to require broader skills than just technology.  Communication & collaboration skills are critical to a successful IT worker.  In addition, having business knowledge allows an IT person to “bridge the gap” and provide additional value to the company.” –Matt Reedy, USAA
  • “At WP Engine we offer careers, not jobs. Start out in support and choose your destiny. We train and promote from within and encourage continued learning. From development to the operations team, we support initiatives to increase your efficiency, allowing you to focus on providing an amazing experience for our clients. You are fully empowered to do your job but more importantly, ensure making the customer’s experience the best it can be.” –Roxanne Molina, WP Engine

Ready to take the next step in your career? Here’s the logistical stuff:

  1. Click on this link to Codeup if you are a job seeker and register. These spots fill up QUICKLY, so sign up yesterday!
  2. Find your way to The DoSeum (located at 2800 Broadway, at the intersection of Broadway and Mulberry) on April 11th.
  3. The event begins at 5:30 PM, but the first hour will be exclusive to members of Geekdom, Codeup, and Open Cloud Academy. At 6:30 PM, the event opens up to the public and will last until 9 PM.
  4. Business Casual attire is encouraged, but it’s never a bad thing to dress to impress. Make sure to bring at least a dozen copies of your most current resume.

The Tech wave is swelling here in San Antonio, and we here at Geekdom want you to ride the wave. We’ll see you there!

So long and thanks for all the fish…

Dearest Darlings,

Our time together has come to an end. In the past two years, I’ve seen this community grow from 500 members to 1,200 strong. Businesses have sprung up all along downtown. We have not one, but two grocery stores in the downtown/southtown area. (My major gripe upon moving here was the longish drive to Central Market.) Venture for America San Antonio has grown from four ladies to ten amazing humans. I’ve gone from backing up and reapproaching the turns in the Rand Garage to whipping through them. Lorenzo and Kara’s feline family has increased from one cat to four. In just about every standard of measurement, both our community and I have grown significantly in two short years.

For this (and so much more), thank you.

Since my very first day, when I was absolutely terrified to start my first real job in a totally new city, you all made this place feel like home. Whenever I had a question (from how to make coffee or how to set up an NPS campaign), you were there. I have never, ever had any doubt that if I had a problem, you all would help me solve it. Sometimes, your help was as simple as explaining how to do a Fantasy Football draft (shoutout to Erik Ford!). Other times, it was something like how to use Basecamp or read gantt charts. A lot of the time, it was just getting another pair of eyes on something I’d written or a policy we were working on. (Thanks Catherine Lester!) Even now, as I’m about to start my new job doing marketing in New Orleans, I hit up Geekdom mentor week and got tons of great advice on how to approach the first day (thanks Jeremy Karney & Dave Geada!).

A bunch of times, I was just having an awful day, and you noticed and asked how I was doing. You did things to make me feel appreciated, like Gene Carangal breaking out all his shrimp recipes so I could partake in his amazing cooking. You cared about me as a human and not just an employee in your coworking space. The whole Infocyte team has helped me decide on shoe purchases. A lot of this stuff seems totally random, but it all added up. Being at Geekdom with all of you has been one of the very best experiences I have ever, and will ever, have.

In the past two years, I’ve had just about every job there is to have on the Geekdom team. At times, I have majorly screwed up. It hasn’t always been smooth. Moving to a new city wasn’t without its own mishaps. Trying to be a real adult has also been hilariously awful at times. With everything that’s gone wrong, friends at home questioned what I was doing here. To them, it never made any sense why I would pick a job where I stretched myself so much to make it work. Knowing you all have my back gave me the confidence to take on anything and look at my mistakes with a smile. What they can’t understand from afar is that you all made every bit worth it.

I didn’t expect to get this attached. In fact, I really didn’t want to fall in love with Geekdom, San Antonio or Texas at all. I hoped to just like you all a lot and then drive off carefree into the sunset. My predictions couldn’t have been more wrong. While I am excited to move home, I am so sad to be leaving you and missing out on the next part of San Antonio’s story. There is a taco-shaped hole in my heart. So thank you for every second of these past two years, and please keep in touch.



P.S. If you’re curious about the title, here’s the song!

Introducing Mentor Madness!

Beta launch of Geekdom Mentorship starts on Today

Today is the very first Mentor Madness! What’s that? Basically, it’s a week where we try to get as many mentors as possible here at Geekdom to answer your most pressing questions and give advice. This will be a regular monthly event occurring on the first business week of the month. You can book mentors using this link. This is our first attempt at Mentor Madness so we appreciate you all for being our guinea pigs and would love any feedback you have about the process. 

                                                           Mentorsfor june

Meet the Mentors 

Who are the amazing mentors who have agreed to dispense wisdom and test out the new process? Michael Girdley (serial entrepreneur & founder of Codeup), Dax Moreno (sales guru), Matt Egan (SEO/web dev), Lorenzo Gomez (storytelling/microscripts), Luke Owen (operations/startups), and Trey Holder (production/distribution). Nick Longo will also be around all week (awesome!) and sent his calendar out in an earlier email. 

We are beyond excited to bring such a crazy week to our community. This is a total beta, so please let us know what you think and how we can make this better.


Meet the Startup Next companies.

Today, we are excited to introduce the first cohort of startups to participate in San Antonio Startup Next! Startup Next is a Techstars pre-accelerator program that prepares startups that are seeking seed funding or acceptance into top tier accelerators like Techstars, Y-Combinator and 500 Startups. The six-week program will consist of weekly talks, pitch practice and intensive mentorship. The program is part of the Techstars family and currently operates out of only 28 cities worldwide. This is the first time Techstars is producing the program in San Antonio, and we will be based at Geekdom. For more information on Startup Next, please visit startupnext.co.

For the inaugural cohort, we had over 30 startups apply and accepted seven to participate in the program. They begin tonight with a talk on startup communications and funding types from Blake Yeager, Techstars Managing Director. 

Who are the companies? Seven totally different, absolutely talented startups with really cool ideas.

  • Cloud Therapy (cloudtherapy.co)
    • Cloud Therapy is a cognitive engine that analyzes health data and provides AI interaction to help end answer questions regarding that information.
  • Coder’s Link (coderslink.com)
    • Coder’s Link connects great Mexican tech talent to great companies in the US.
  • Evermarket (evermarket.com)
    • Evermarket is the verified Military Community Marketplace, providing a trusted peer-2-peer market, exclusive deals and installation resources for our Military members and their families.
  • Expert to Help (experttohelp.com)
    • Expert to Help connects growth companies to finance talent and builds them business intelligence dashboards.
  • Flipmass (flipmass.com)
    • Flipmass is the social marketplace for influencers, by influencers.
  • Rising Barn (risingbarn.com)
    • Rising Barn unlocks real estate value using digital technology and design to simplify the development and construction process, from concept to move-in.
  • Teach Tag (teachtag.com)
    • Teach Tag helps teachers supplement their lesson plans by providing them tools to discover, share, and organize teaching ideas and materials.

Keep on the lookout for future spotlights on each of these Startup Next companies as they go through the program. Be sure to mark June 2nd on your calendar for the upcoming Startup Next demo day at 6pm! It will be held in the Geekdom Event Centre, and there will be snacks.

Lyft begins new driver orientations for its return to San Antonio

Ride-sharing company Lyft is conducting new driver orientations as the mobile phone-based service plans to return to San Antonio streets this year.

Lyft spokeswoman Chelsea Wilson confirmed that the company is hiring and training drivers for its anticipated return to the Alamo City.

“We are beginning driver orientation sessions in San Antonio and expect to relaunch in the city before the end of the year,” Wilson said in a statement.

The location of the new driver orientations is not being disclosed,…

Techstars cloud startup boasts path to faster, smoother live streaming

Lighting-fast broadband or even fiber-optic Internet may not always yield a smooth live stream as Internet service providers still use third-party firms to transmit data online. And one startup going though San Antonio’s premiere business accelerator program is hoping to cash in on the speed gap.

Thalonet is one of nearly a dozen Techstars Cloud participants working to hone their offerings and business models at the program’s office at Geekdom.

Read More @ San Antonio Business Journal

One Techstars startup aims to streamline corporate training for millennial workforce

While some businesses utilize consumer platforms for sharing information like Google Docs for files and videos disseminated through YouTube channels — one startup may offer an edge for businesses looking to streamline corporate communication systems — all on the cloud.

Co-founded by Nick Stokman and Sean Higgins of St. Paul, Minnesota, Ilos is a video application that records a computer screen and turns it into a sharable video, compresses the file as it is being created, and uploads the final video to the cloud.

Read More @ San Antonio Business Journal

San Antonio startup launches iPhone app that blocks images online

Local software developer for iPhone applications, Collin Beck said he was frustrated about burning up his cell phone data plan when traveling and created an application that blocks all images and videos on websites for the frugal looking for speed online. Dubbed, ImageBlocker, its a free application at this point, Beck said.

“When I’m out and using the Internet and the connection is really slow — like traveling in between cities and I want to read news sites,” Beck said. “I don’t block scripts or things that are used to track users. It is purely just blocking images and videos.”

Read More @ San Antonio Business Journal

Open Cloud Academy moves into same building as Geekdom, closer to tech startups

The Rackspace Open Cloud Academy, an information technology training program kickstarted by the local cloud hosting corporation, has opened its doors inside the Rand Building on Houston street in an effort to promote more connection to companies being incubated there. There are about 700 Geekdom members, one of the tenants, and approximately half of its members own companies though many are startups.

“With all the Geekdom companies that are in there it’s just a great opportunity to help our students get the exposure that they need to this industry and also find ways to move them into the job market with companies that could be hiring,” said Marcus Benavidez, manager of the Rackspace Open Cloud Academy.

Read More @ San Antonio Business Journal

Open Cloud Academy claims new space

For years, Rackspace co-founder and Chairman Graham Weston heard complaints that San Antonio’s growing data storage company had to search far and wide for qualified talent. He and others thought, “These were jobs that should have been taken by San Antonians.”

An “aha” moment happened one day when he went to an Apple Store and asked one of Apple’s “geniuses,” where they came from. It turned out they were home-grown.

Read More @ San Antonio Express News

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