At Geekdom, we pride ourselves on being the hub where innovation, entrepreneurship, and community thrive. Our Incubator program is a shining example of this mission in action. Now in full swing, this 8-week program is already making waves, helping first-time founders and early-stage entrepreneurs refine their startup ideas, learn business basics, and build their networks.


What Makes the Incubator Program Exciting?

The Geekdom Incubator is more than just a program—it’s a transformative experience. Here’s what participants can look forward to:

Intensive Learning: Founders dive deep into the essentials of starting a business through weekly workshops and mentor sessions. Topics range from identifying potential customers and conducting market research to developing a minimal viable product and creating a pitch deck.

Expert Guidance: With facilitation by the Geekdom Programs team and insights from industry experts, participants receive top-tier guidance tailored to their unique business needs.

Community Building: The Incubator fosters a sense of community, connecting like-minded entrepreneurs who can support and inspire each other. Networking opportunities abound, helping participants forge valuable relationships that extend beyond the program.

Culminating Showcase: The program culminates in a public showcase event, where founders present their progress and vision to a broader audience, opening doors to new opportunities and potential investments.


Meet the Innovative Teams of Q3 2024

As we celebrate the ongoing success of the Incubator program, we’re thrilled to introduce the innovative companies driving this excitement:

American Tenet

Founder: James Oleen
Industry: Military Tech, Robotics
Overview: American Tenet is revolutionizing search and rescue missions with autonomous, disposable, 3D-printed fixed-wing gliders that can significantly reduce search areas and mission costs.

Wildflower BBQ

Founder: Hunter Hale
Industry: Food & Beverage
Overview: Wildflower BBQ blends unique regional flavors with traditional Texas BBQ, offering a distinctive dining experience through both a brick-and-mortar location and community pop-ups.


Founders: Costa Vega & Ricardo Herrera
Industry: SaaS, Web 3.0, Fintech
Overview: DocuWerx is transforming notarization with AI, Blockchain, and NFTs, providing services like Remote onChain Notarization and IDLess Authentication.


Founder: Ilyas Salahud-din
Industry: SaaS, AI
Overview: GrantAppli streamlines the grant writing process for nonprofits using AI, saving time and money while increasing grant production.

Wematanye Workshop

Founder: Jennifer Rios
Industry: Automotive, Brick & Mortar
Overview: Wematanye Workshop is a women-owned automotive repair shop empowering women and the LGBTQAI+ community through collaborative automotive projects.

Point Play Tennis

Founder: Daniel Gill
Industry: SaaS, AI, Sports Tech
Overview: Point Play Tennis is an AI-powered app that helps recreational tennis players improve by comparing their technique to that of professionals.

Fennel Stalk

Founder: Taylor Flagg
Industry: SaaS, Ed Tech
Overview: Fennel Stalk creates web applications for online creatives, offering an easy-to-use, powerful browser-based editor for interactive content creation.

Run Ready Bra

Founder: Magdalena Verduzco
Industry: CPG, Fashion
Overview: Run Ready Bra is an athletic sports bra with strategically placed pockets for personal defense items, enhancing safety for women runners, walkers, and hikers.

Artist Map

Founder: David Chavera
Industry: SaaS
Overview: Artist Map is an interactive platform that helps independent artists and musicians access essential services, royalties, and legal protections.

Asher Amarise Gifting Co.

Founder: Mareshah Dickens
Industry: Hospitality, E-commerce
Overview: Asher Amarise Gifting Co. simplifies gift giving with custom curated gift guides and a hands-off process, ensuring thoughtful gifts throughout the year.

Gene Paradox

Founder: Gerardo Garza
Industry: Biotech, SaaS
Overview: Gene Paradox accelerates biotech discoveries with a data-driven software solution that streamlines the R&D process for small businesses and startups.

Performance Axial Flux

Founder: John Culleton
Industry: Automotive, Manufacturing
Overview: Performance Axial Flux offers a new form of electric vehicle motor that combines supercar performance with affordability, targeting EV equipment manufacturers and motor distributors.

Let’s Show

Founders: Emily Kiani & Christa Henarie
Industry: Real Estate Tech, SaaS
Overview: Let’s Show is a mobile app that connects potential home buyers with available real estate agents to facilitate property viewings.

CRE8 (Alamo Heights Incubator)

Founders: Thomas Labatt, Catherine Flannery, Keller Peavy, Graham Claiborne
Industry: Music, SaaS
Overview: A browser-based digital audio workspace that helps music producers and artists share projects, organize files, and collaborate quicker and easier.


Looking Ahead

As the Geekdom Incubator continues, we are eager to witness the growth and achievements of these outstanding teams. The program is already shaping the future of entrepreneurship, providing invaluable support and opportunities for our founders. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating the innovative spirit driving Geekdom forward!

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