Community Spotlight: MindLinx


There’s no question that mental health is a vital issue in today’s fast-paced America. As professionals work longer hours and take less vacations, mental stress and fatigue has led to a sharp decline in general mental health. Besides a social stigma that still exists with even confronting mental health issues, the process of finding someone to help diagnose and treat the problem is even worse, with appointments taking weeks to pencil in.

“Families experience great pain and stress when a family member or friend is in a mental crisis.  Then there is the frustration and drama with getting the professional help they need” writes John Scheel, co-founder of MindLinx, a new mobile app and website dedicated to helping people connect with mental health professionals and psychiatrists quickly and within their budget.

“MindLinx is the natural evolution at a time when Telemedicine, the broader field of medical services thru videoconferencing, is exploding throughout the world,” Scheel explained, “The many advances in technology makes it easier to use and own devices that can deliver doctor-to-patient care wherever they may be located, distance no longer matters.”

Here’s how it works: potential patients can download the app and click through several prompts, providing general information while also asking for what kind of help the patient might need. Common life stress and anxieties can be helped by counselors, while more serious matters should be looked at by psychologists and psychiatrists. Using MindLinx does require in-app purchases in order to process the request and find suitable matches for your needs.

“MindLinx assists them to overcome the barriers of delay, confusion, stigma and inconvenience with finding a local provider to access on-line providers with services through the use of secure and HIPAA compliant video conferencing.”

After you find a match that you like, an automatic request is sent and scheduling an appointment happens in just a few days! While the app and website are still in beta, Scheel anticipates the potential pool of professionals to grow as word spreads.

If you’re interested in learning more about MindLinx, or if you’re looking to start on your own journey to better mental health, check out their website here!

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