The Next Normal: Entrepreneurial Inspiration from Jason McCann, CEO of Vari

Jason McCann


Okay 2020, we’ve made it to June. Now what? We’re all wondering about the future of business and entrepreneurship. Luckily for us, (and our sleep-deprived imaginations) Dax Moreno, Chief Talent Officer of Tech Bloc sat down for an in-depth conversation with Jason McCann, CEO of Vari. Geekdom, the Texas Business Hall of Fame, and other sponsors were pleased to put on this virtual event. Topics ranged from making a winning product, defining company culture, and staying flexible.

You can catch the full conversation below, but here are a few highlights for you speed readers.

It all started with a cardboard box and a bad back

Cofounders Jason McCann and Dan Flaherty found innovation from the ordinary. When a pinched nerve made sitting at a desk very painful, the two life-long entrepreneurs searched for a solution. After getting lots of disappointing office furniture, they started making their own–and set out to make the best. They looked to their business icons. “Steve Jobs didn’t invent the MP3 player, but he did make the best out there,” McCann says. Varidesk was born!

Workspaces that elevate people

For Jason McCann, Vari is all about people. His advice for businesses is to lean in both to the pivot and your core values. His mantra during this season has been, “Keep rowing until the wind catches our sails. The storm will pass and we can survive it if we lean into our values, lead with empathy and love, and if we learn and are transparent.”

Don’t just take it from me–

Seriously, this conversation is jam packed with insight and inspiration. Do yourself a favor: grab your notebook, headphones, and a good pen. Then, check it out for yourself!

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