Geekdom and Allosense Partner for Study



Thank you to Brandi Clinard, Director of Technical Marketing | Allosense, Inc. for contributing to our blog. Photo courtesy of White Cloud Drones

A Little About Allosense

With the current pandemic, small businesses and startup companies are having difficulties staying afloat and gaining business traction.  With the advancements in technology that Allosense worked diligently to produce over the last few months, Geekdom took notice and extended their support by coming together to allow a study for analytical data.  Allosense Trackers will be used in the building to further the research and development of Real-Time Location Systems. Since Allosense is located at the Geekdom co-working office space, this presents a good opportunity for collaboration and innovation.

What the Study is for

The display of support for each other displays the unique abilities of the environment and networking that Geekdom offers, even with the current predicament.  The study will allow Allosense to further demonstrate tracking capabilities of its technology offerings in a smaller area, such as an office space, to larger areas, such as the Geekdom Event Center.  Allosense presents the ability to track assets of any kind from small tools to individuals in real-time.  The technology created has the resourcefulness to pinpoint, within centimeters, the exact location of anything the tracker is attached.  

How Geekdom Will Help Allosense

Imagine being able to locate items in a storage or warehouse facility on multiple floors with hundreds of shelves, stacked many layers deep.  It is possible!  With the area layout of Geekdom, Allosense will have a fully functional scan of not only rooms, but the entirety of floors and their connection in the building to test the technology across any possible area when it comes to building design. 

The study will allow tracking across multiple floors, down to the room, furthering to the exact placement on a shelf, even as the tracker moves around the environment.  This specialized technology could aid in tracking social distancing measurements, propose solutions for the health and safety of our community and even pinpoint hotspot areas that may need to be thoroughly cleansed after an exposure occurs to better allocate resources.  Think of the industries that can be positively influenced such as office spaces and hospitals with this technology as well as how this could improve opening the economy safely.  

The Geekdom Community and Allosense

Working with the Department of Defense, Allosense has been involved in research to give better tracking of assets across varying needs.  Geekdom has provided the perfect platform to prove these concepts and provide supportive data needed.  This community and support are exactly what is needed to aid in research and development.  Progress simply wouldn’t be possible without partnerships and encouragement like this to build small businesses and innovation.  


“The relationship between Geekdom and Allosense has been long-standing, since our incorporation.  Geekdom is a co-working space that truly values community, startup growth, and technology innovation.  We are inspired by Geekdom’s ongoing interest to support our scientific and engineering efforts in wireless sensors and telecommunications.”

– Roman Sandoval, CEO & Founder at Allosense, Inc.

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