Geekdom Community Fund: A Gateway for Startups to Access Pre-Seed Funding


Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for seed funding to take your startup to the next level? Look no further than the Geekdom Community Fund. As a startup incubator, Geekdom provides its members with access to an array of resources, and the Community Fund is one of the most significant opportunities it offers.


The Community Fund allows startups to pitch their ideas for $25,000 in pre-seed funding. Applicants also gain experience and valuable feedback from Geekdom’s community investment panel. Here’s what you need to know about applying for and securing funding from the Community Fund.

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible for the Community Fund, you must be an active Geekdom member for at least 90 days before the application’s closing date. The application is open to for-profit startups, which must be legally formed as an LLC, C-CORP, or S-CORP. Unfortunately, non-profit startups are not eligible.


Furthermore, you must show that you’re giving back to the Geekdom community in some way. In other words, Geekdom wants its members to be active participants and contributors to the community.

Finalist Selection

Once all applications are in, the selection panel reviews each complete and eligible application. The panel selects five finalists based on the strength of their business model, use of funds, and overall fit with the Geekdom mission.

Pitch Day

The five finalists then pitch their businesses to an investor panel comprising guests from San Antonio’s tech and entrepreneurial community. Each finalist has five minutes to pitch and a five-minute Q&A session with the panel.


The selected company will be announced to all Geekdom members at the next San Antonio Startup Day event. In addition to the funding, the selected startup receives mentorship and support from Geekdom’s experienced entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Applying for the Community Fund

Beyond the chance to secure $25,000 in pre-seed funding, the Community Fund provides many benefits to participating startups. The application process is an opportunity to refine and hone your pitch to investors.


Furthermore, startups that make it to the pitch stage receive valuable feedback from the investment panel, which can help them refine their pitch and business plan. Additionally, the pitch event provides a platform for startups to network with other entrepreneurs and investors, which can open doors to further funding opportunities down the line.


Moreover, receiving funding from the Community Fund establishes a connection to the Geekdom community. Geekdom is a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors who can provide invaluable support to startups. Thus, winning the Community Fund can be a significant milestone for startups looking to establish themselves in the San Antonio startup ecosystem.

Geekdom Community Fund

If you’re a member of Geekdom with a startup idea that requires funding, the Community Fund is an ideal starting point. The application process offers a valuable opportunity to refine your pitch, obtain feedback, and engage with other entrepreneurs and investors.


Moreover, if your application is successful, you’ll have access to Geekdom’s vast network of mentors, investors, and entrepreneurs, which can provide significant support as you develop your business. Overall, the Geekdom Community Fund is a valuable resource for startups seeking to secure pre-seed funding and establish a presence in the San Antonio startup community. For more information on how we can assist you in unlocking your business’s full potential, please visit our website at

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