Geekdom Pre-accelerator: The 6-Week Program to Help Early-Stage Startups Succeed


Geekdom is an entrepreneurial hub in San Antonio, Texas, that provides a collaborative community, mentorship, programs, and resources to help startups cultivate, shape, and grow their business ideas. One of their most popular programs is the Geekdom Pre-accelerator, a 6-week program designed to help early-stage startups effectively pitch their company, learn about startup financials, and create valuable connections with local business leaders and fellow founders. This article will discuss the participants, company selection process, and program overview of the Geekdom Pre-accelerator.


The program is open to for-profit companies, specifically Geekdom members. Companies with a business model and minimum viable product (MVP) are also welcome, and they can either be further along or finish the build of their MVP. Founders who are looking to apply to accelerators and/or prepare to seek early-stage funding are encouraged to participate. Founders who can dedicate a minimum of 4-6 hours per week to program requirements are eligible. Founders who want to build relationships in the San Antonio startup community and are passionate about the problem they are solving should also consider applying.

Company Selection

The Geekdom Programs team and key Geekdom stakeholders will review the applications and select six companies that show promise of continuing growth within the Geekdom community. Before final selections are made, interviews may be conducted to better understand program fit. The program seeks founders with a clear and unique value proposition, a scalable business model, and the potential for significant growth.

Program Overview

The Geekdom Pre-accelerator is a 6-week program that prepares startups for applying to accelerators and early-stage investments. Selected founders meet weekly for workshops, speaker sessions, pitch practice, and 1:1 mentorship with all-star Geekdom mentors. Each program week is structured to provide the most value to the participants. The first week is dedicated to orientation, where participants get to know each other, learn about the program, and hear from previous program graduates. During weeks two through five, participants attend workshops and speaker sessions, with topics ranging from customer discovery to financial projections. The program also includes mentorship opportunities, where participants receive valuable feedback and guidance from experienced mentors. The final week is reserved for Demo Day preparation, where startups polish their pitches and prepare to present to the community.


Demo Day is a highly anticipated event that takes place at the end of the program. Each startup will pitch their company to the community, including local investors and potential customers. Demo Day provides a great opportunity for participants to showcase their ideas, receive feedback, and make valuable connections within the San Antonio startup community.

Geekdom pre-accelerator

The Geekdom Pre-accelerator is a highly beneficial program specifically designed for early-stage startups seeking to expand their network, hone their pitching skills, and gain insights into startup financials. The program offers many valuable resources, such as mentorship, workshops, speaker sessions, and opportunities to connect with local business leaders and other founders. The program culminates in a public Demo Day event where participants can present their company to the community, gain exposure, and form crucial connections. If you’re an early-stage startup looking to elevate your business concept to the next level, the Geekdom Pre-accelerator is an excellent option to consider. To learn more about how this program can assist you in unlocking your business’s full potential, please visit our website at

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