Geekdom Reopening to Community! Here’s what you need to know…

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Howdy Geeks!

We are so excited to be welcoming our community members back into the office space starting Monday, June 8th. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know to claim your seat and hang out in our community space.

Hours of Operation

We will be open for our community members to access our space from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.

How to book a Reservation

Reservations will be required for members coming in to work in our community space. You can book that here at https://coworking.geekdom.com/. For more instructions watch the video below.

How to Check-in everyday

Check in will be required upon entry to our community space. You can do this at the Ipad on the 7th floor, or on your own device by going to https://coworking.geekdom.com/wave. To check in, you will need to set a PIN for your account. For more instructions, watch the video below.

How to be Awesome

Just kidding! You already know how to do this! Thanks for being a member at Geekdom. Please take a minute to review and certify our current policies before you come into our space.

Other than that, keep on being your groovy selves! We look forward to seeing you around the space! We don’t know how to read minds, but if you do have questions or want to tell us your deepest thoughts, hopes, and dreams you can reach out to us at info@geekdom.com.

Other Fun FAQ’s

  1. What is Geekdom doing to help keep everyone safe and healthy?

We want you to feel safe and welcome at Geekdom. Following the recommendations put out by the CDC and the WHO, we as a company have developed the following policies and preventative measures to promote the health and safety of its members and employees.

  • – Deep cleaning with antimicrobial cleaner and coating by Alamo Steam Team
  • – Regular disinfection/cleaning of touchpoints by our custodial services through CW Services throughout the business day
  • – Asking all persons to check in upon entry to the office and self-certify that they and those they are in contact with are without symptoms
  • – Asking all persons who feel ill to work from home
  • – Keeping records of who has been in the office and community space
  • – Restricted hours of operation to ensure thorough cleaning
  • – Encouraging regular hand washing and sanitizing among members and employees
  • – Encouraging social distancing in the office, communal areas, and elevators
  • – Encouraging all persons to disinfect workspace areas and frequent touchpoints
  • – Providing members and staff with soap, sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes/sprays
  • – Asking that masks and face coverings are be worn in common areas
  • – Encouraging cough and sneeze etiquette
  • – Posting signage as reminders to all persons of policies and recommendations
  • – Limiting the number of people allowed in conference rooms
  • – Restricting visitors for the first 30 days of reopening
  • – Temporarily closing communal kitchen space
  • – Regular communication with building management and local government for updates


  1. What if someone gets sick?

Safety is our top priority. We have developed a contingency plan in the case that someone may fall ill. It involves notification of all affected parties and thorough disinfection of our space with antimicrobial cleaners. You can request to see the full plan by emailing info@geekdom.com. Although we do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy, coming into any public space poses an inherent risk of being exposed to COVID-19, and patrons voluntarily assume all risks.

  1. What happens with my membership fees?

All billing will resume June 8th. We understand that you may not be able to come to the space right away and are offering multiple options to give you flexibility in your membership. We are very excited to offer our virtual membership that gives you all the great benefits and connections from the Geekdom Community. To sign up, get more information, or change your membership please email our membership managers at mm@geekdom.com.

  1. What about parking fees?

During our temporary closure, we paused all parking fees. These are set to resume on June 8th. We would be happy to help you change or review your parking options. Please email our community manager, at info@geekdom.com.

  1. What other businesses are open downtown?

One of the great things about coming to Geekdom is getting to enjoy your other favorite local businesses. We are working to make sure you stay informed about the other places around us, so you can grab a cup of coffee or say hi to some of your friends who work down the street. Here are a few of the great spots you can check out now:

Pinch Boil House

La Panaderia 

Royal Blue Grocery


See you out there!

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