Geekdom Welcomes Pearl Cowork




Geekdom Welcomes Pearl Cowork to Downtown Ecosystem

In case you haven’t heard, there’s someone new in our neighborhood. Geekdom is proud to welcome our new coworking neighbor, Pearl Cowork!  The Pearl has made great strides to build community within Downtown San Antonio. We’re glad to have Pearl Cowork join with us to develop and attract talent to San Antonio.


Downtown Collaborative Coworking Community

In our current environment, remote workers make up much of the talent pool. And, many remote workers are ready to exchange their  kitchen table for a comfortable shared office space. They are ready to make connections. Because of this, the demand for short-term flexible office space is rising. Geekdom is a collaborative coworking community that helps members make connections. We share a common interest with Pearl Cowork to build a sense of community amongst entrepreneurs and professionals. After early stage startups launch and grow into viable businesses here at Geekdom, they will now have more options to stay in San Antonio. Pearl Cowork offers a great place for these established companies and professionals to land.


Downtown SA: A Place to Work, Live, and Play

The future of economic growth in San Antonio will come from remote workers and startups. To meet the needs of these economic drivers we need short-term lease and coworking options, like Pearl Cowork and Geekdom. As people come downtown to cowork, they will support restaurants and entertainment. As a result, more business development will follow.  This creates a cycle of growth our city needs. Ultimately, it makes Downtown San Antonio more attractive to businesses of all types. So, if you’re in the area, stop by and say hello to the team at Pearl Cowork!

We’re excited to welcome Pearl Cowork to the neighborhood! Let’s build SA together!

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