#NewNormal and Geekdom: Coworking in the Age of Social Distancing

Skyview of downtown SA

There’s no question that so far, 2020 has proved to be anything but business as usual. As we look to the future, there are lots of questions about the #NewNormal. (Not to mention all the crazy memes we’ve been scrolling past about Murder Hornets.) Even in these uncertain times, the team at Geekdom is working to create an environment that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of being in community, all from a safe (social distancing appropriate) distance. Here are a few of the changes we’ve been making around our community space to help us all get back to working together again soon. (No need to bring your own toilet paper or Lysol spray you’ve been hoarding–we’ve got you covered.)


Social Distancing is the new Feng-Shui

Although we can’t guarantee that the new layout will center your Chi, we did make sure to move things around to ensure social distancing. (We want 6 feet of good vibes all around.) Changes to our layout include:

  • – Keeping chairs 6 feet apart in our open community seating area
  • – Chairs staggered, rather than directly across from each other
  • – Increased options for solo desk space
  • – Options to rent conference rooms for daily or hourly private workspace


Keep it Clean

Now, it seems like the smell of Lysol and bleach are replacing Mom’s sugar cookies and warm vanilla as the most comforting scents of the season. Here are some things we’ve been doing to make sure that our space is squeaky clean.

  • – Our community space was disinfected with antimicrobial cleaner and coating by the friendly people at Alamo Steam Team.
  • – Our regular custodial staff has increased daily cleaning measures, especially disinfecting regular touchpoints like doorknobs and elevator buttons.
  • – We are closely monitoring updates and recommendations from the CDC to make our environment as safe as possible.
  • – We are making sure you have access to disinfecting cleaning wipes, hand soap, and hand sanitizer in open community areas.


We’re All in this Together

Aside from being a crazy catchy Disney tune, we really really are all in this together. Here are some things we are working on to make sure we all stay safe and informed as a Geekdom community.

  • – Community Updates to let you know our latest plans for reopening
  • – Newsletters to keep you up to date on virtual events and WFH resources
  • – Guidelines for Healthy Coworking in our community space
  • – Guidelines for Kitchen Etiquette


Reunited and it Feels so Good.

While we aren’t quite there yet, we are very excited to be back at Geekdom with you all soon. Until then, stay connected with us through your social media of choice (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook). We don’t have carrier pigeons, but we do send Community Updates and weekly newsletters that you can sign up for here. Check out our events page for the latest virtual happenings. Or, if you’re really adventurous email mm@geekdom.com to test our Beta Virtual Membership program. Most of all, stay healthy and happy Geeks!

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