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Howdy Geeks! This week we are featuring a guest blog from EPIcenter, one of the awesome companies with an office here at Geekdom. As an organization, EPIcenter encourages energy innovation and problem solving. Andi Littlejon, the Director of the EPIcenter Energy Incubator and Accelerator shares her resources for Geekdom members with small businesses and startups during this unique and challenging time.

Innovation through Crisis

History demonstrates that some of the most innovative ideas have emerged when entrepreneurs were working through crises like the one we are currently experiencing.  In order to accelerate that kind of creativity, the EPIcenter Energy Incubator and Accelerator responded quickly to help its clients navigate fluctuating market conditions.

We are encouraging startups and small businesses to think creatively, embrace the pivot and take advantage of all available resources.

We recently took our startups through 360-degree assessments to help identify two or three priority areas on which to focus over the next 60-90 days. A trendspotting exercise helped explore the current landscape and identify potential trends or opportunities and 30-60-90-day action plans were developed.

Resources for Geekdom members, small businesses, and startups

EPIcenter combines these tools with its energy industry expertise for its own clients, but they can be applied in any industry.  If any Geekdom members would like the 360-degree assessment, trendspotting tool and/or 30-60-90-day plan, feel free to email me at alittlejohn@epicenterus.org.

United in Mission

EPIcenter’s mission has never been more relevant.  We propel energy innovation and thought leadership for our global future with a think tank, incubator and accelerator, strategic partnerships, and critical conversations around energy.  We are excited to see what ideas will soon emerge to make the production and consumption of energy faster, smarter, cleaner and more efficient.   What innovations might Geekdom members create that will advance their own industries?  Please reach out to me and your fellow Geekdom members; we are here to help your ideas become reality.

The EPIcenter website has a COVID-19 resource page that has tried to compile many of the workshops and webinars offered by our region’s entrepreneur support organizations.  Check it out.

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