The Startup Journey


The last ten years of Geekdom have been nothing short of amazing and we can’t wait to see where the next ten years take us! 

Over the years, we have been hard at work growing San Antonio’s tech ecosystem, and developing a proven process for startup founders & entrepreneurs in our city. This process is something that we call The Geekdom Startup Journey, and defining it has allowed us to re-imagine the programs and resources available to our amazing community, and the startups that call Geekdom home.

Keep reading to find out more about the journey and its different stages; Ideate, Cultivate, Shape, and Grow. 


I have an idea. Where do I get started? Startup Weekend is the perfect event for entrepreneurs to experience networking, building a team, expanding on an idea, and developing a strong pitch! This amazing 54-hour long event is designed for founders to flush out their ideas and meet like-minded people who might be starting the journey as well. 

In 2022, Geekdom will host 8+ Startup Weekends and will partner with local businesses & universities as well. 

One of the many great examples of an entrepreneur who launched their startup at one of these events is Julia Bates from MelloBe. Click here to learn more about her journey.


How do I turn my dreams into a reality? The cultivate stage is extremely pivotal for any startup, and this is where they start to discover who they really are. In this stage they might find themselves asking what their product/service looks like, and who their ideal customer might be.

If this sounds like you, then Geekdom’s Incubator Program is a perfect fit. It is designed specifically for early-stage entrepreneurs. 

The 12 week long program is special for many reasons, and among those reasons is the invaluable hands-on guidance that you will receive from experienced & trusted mentors who will help you get your startup all the way from an idea to a legal entity ready to be invested in. At the end of the 12 weeks all participants will go through a Demo Day, and that in and of itself is an amazing opportunity for any startup. 

Click here to watch the Incubator Demo Day from 2020.


At this point in the journey, you will  have a better understanding of the problem that your company is solving and the solution you are providing customers.

You may also be asking yourself; “Who is going to help me build this?” or “What makes me different from my competitors?”

The Geekdom Pre-Accelerator program is designed to help shape your business. It includes weekly sessions with successful startup founders, business leaders, and tech entrepreneurs who have been through their own startup journey. In this program you will focus on perfecting your pitch and answering any questions that will be asked by future potential investors.

FloatMe is undoubtedly one of Geekdom’s fastest growing companies. They not only went through this program, but also came from a Startup Weekend in 2017. Be sure to check out this video to learn more about them and their journey.


Although the journey may look different for everybody, the growth phase is the time to make long-term plans for your company.  This may include applying for an accelerator, or pitching your startup for funding. For many, it also includes growing your team and attracting new talent. Geekdom provides the space, mentorship, and resources for your company to continue on a path of sustainable growth.

We’ve developed programs and a collaborative environment that allows entrepreneurs to ideate, cultivate, shape, and grow their business. Our vision is to help launch 500 startups over the next ten years with AT LEAST 75% of them calling this great city their home.

We could not do this without the members that make up our one-of-a-kind community and the support of our amazing partners. We are all in this together– to build San Antonio one startup at a time. 


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