Starting a business is daunting, but being a successful startup CEO is even more challenging. 

The first step in developing your leadership skills is to understand that as a startup CEO, you have two tasks that seem similar but are different. As CEO, you must become an effective manager and a successful leader. 

The CEO is responsible for everything from setting the company’s vision to hiring and managing the team to raising money and driving growth. It sounds like a lot, but people succeed in learning to embrace the key characteristics that all strong startup CEOs share.

What characteristics should an early-stage startup CEO possess?


What should a good startup CEO do?

In addition to the desired characteristics, there are also some specific duties that a capable startup CEO should be handling. These include:


How can you become an even stronger CEO?

There are some things that a startup CEO can do to level up and become an even stronger leader. These include:



Leading a startup is much more complicated than leading a standard company. Startups have more uncertainty and, thus, a more pressing need to pivot and change their direction more often than in an established business model.

While challenging, the work can be a rewarding experience. If you have the suitable characteristics and are willing to work hard, you can become a successful startup CEO.

 Consider joining an entrepreneurial community that can help support your personal development goals for you, your team, and your startup. Geekdom’s membership options in downtown San Antonio cater to professionals seeking a collaborative and supportive work environment. 

The featured photo shows several female founders at Geekdom, photo courtesy of Geekdom.

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