What We Did In June

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Pre-Accelerator Teams Are Awarded Investments

We started June off strong with two of our Pre-Accelerator companies receiving investment from Alamo Angels. If you were unaware, the Pre-Accelerator program is a great opportunity for startups to receive early-stage investment. Both FloatMe and Checkups were awarded an investment of $25,000 after the Demo Day held at the Aztec Theatre. “Alamo Angels saw a huge opportunity to invest in both companies and add them to our growing portfolio of local startups,” Alamo Angels director of operations Rebecca Derby said. We are excited to see what the future has in store for these amazing early-stage companies.

Successful Smart City Focused Startup Weekend

Following the Pre-Accelerator we kicked off the first-ever Startup Weekend with a Smart Cities theme. Over three days, over 50 people came together to form teams to help promote smart city initiatives. Of the nine teams that were formed, four teams were awarded prizes and services from the Geekdom Community.

The first-place award went to Charged Up, for there idea that partnered with the City of San Antonio and CPS to aid with electrical cars and their use of electricity. Protect Your Assets (PYA), were awarded 2nd place with their idea of creating a web page that will make the process of procurement easy and seamless for the public. Recasa were awarded 3rd place with their web page that will allow people to find/purchase salvageable materials as simple and instant as possible. Lastly, Garden Tech were awarded an honorable mention, for their idea of an app that would increase engagement and final purchases throughout farmer markets. Startup Weekend is an event that offers anyone a chance to create, pitch and gain feedback on business plans over a matter of a few days, we hope to see you at the next one.

Latest Community Fund Winner

The Geekdom Community Fund provides seed funding to startups within the Geekdom community. The goal of the fund is to help Geekdom members accelerate the growth of their company through a $25,000 safe note. The most recent Community Fund recipient, Josh Ramos, is developing a safe method for owning a household firearm. Josh Ramos, a current Codeup student, turned his idea into reality throughout The District, an entrepreneurial class hosted at Geekdom. Coming soon Josh Ramos hopes to have an aluminum prototype of the lock he has developed. Keep an eye out for his next steps in making gun ownership safer.

Started Up Innovation Summit 2019

Geekdom hosted a collaborative two-day event with StartEd Up where 16 students from Indiana and 14 students from Cast Tech High School participated in solving San Antonio issues, provided by CivTechSA. During these two days, the students got a chance to learn about downtown San Antonio and its vibrant history from Geekdom staff. Students formed teams and quickly got to work on the city problems, and on June 20th the students got an opportunity to present in front of the Geekdom community as well as Geekdom’s Co-Founder Nick Longo.


To wrap up the month, this year’s Datathon took place in our very own Geekdom Event Centre.  A total of 6 teams dedicated their weekend to creating and perfecting their ideas that could be used to fix city problems. The topics of focus were as follows: access to services, affordability, and environmental quality. All six teams gave it their best and it showed on Sunday when five of the teams were awarded. Learn more about the teams by visiting here.

Podcast Studio Membership

The podcast studio will now be $25 for four, one-hour credits in the studio and orientation is no longer a requirement. A short briefing will be given during a member’s first time entering the studio so please make sure to show up a little bit early if this is the case for you! Once members book the studio their account will be charged $25 and we will keep track of their sessions booked. Once a member books a 5th session their account will be charged an additional $25. Lastly, always remember to bring a thumb drive!

We Changed Our Membership Management Software To Proximity

If you haven’t noticed the changes already, Geekdom has shifted to a new membership software, Proximity. One of the benefits of Proximity comes in the form of a mobile application. With this application, you can access all four floors with digital keys. Likewise, iOS users can book conference rooms, and both Android and iOS users can access a member directory via the application. As Geekdom transitions into using Proximity feel free to reach out to Geekdom staff with any questions, you may have.

We Moved

Once again, Geekdom staff has moved. We have given the office on the 8th floor to BitDefender who is growing in San Antonio at a rapid pace. As for the Geekdom staff, we are now in the community. If you need help from the staff you can find someone on either the 7th-floor, at the front desk, or in the basement. Likewise, you can always reach out to us via the Geekdom Staff Help Slack channel or email support@geekdom.com.

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