Geekdom Welcomes their 2020 Pre-Accelerator Cohort 

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Exciting News in a Time of Uncertainty

In the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic and stringent measures for public safety, we’d like to take a minute to share some news to get excited about. We’ve finalized the selections for our amazing 2020 Pre-accelerator Cohort: EvoSecurity, Allosense, ClosetMelody, Buzu Cards, Cyber Warrior Network, MyCoffeePass, and TenFore Golf! It’s startups like you who build the exciting future of San Antonio. Congratulations and Thank You!

Many Quality Applicants Made It A Difficult Decision

The 2020 Selection Committee consisted of Geekdom CEO Charles Woodin; Chris Burney, CFO of Dura Software and former Co-Director for the Pre-accelerator (2018); and Janell Guzman, Strategic Innovation Senior Advisor at USAA. The Committee had the exhaustive task of narrowing down to the above finalists from a total of 40 applications Geekdom received for this cohort. 

Due to the immense level of talent and opportunity across applications, the committee unanimously decided to increase the number of startups invited to participate in this year’s Pre-accelerator from the six originally planned to seven. Though we hoped to kick off the Pre-accelerator later this month, we’ve pushed the start date to July.

The Pre-Accelerator Experience

Once the program begins, the startups will meet every Thursday evening at Geekdom to learn from local business and funding experts, receive one-on-one and group mentorship, and network with community leaders to further scale their companies and prepare for future investment.

The Startup Cohort


EvoSecurity is the most simple, affordable, flexible, and reliable Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) solution for on-premise, hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud service providers. It’s goal is to take complexity out of protecting Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients.


Allosense is an Internet of Things (IoT) startup that is making a fleet of always-connected sensors and asset trackers to help businesses and governments manage their supply chains and reduce waste or loss of high-value assets.


ClosetMelody is a digital styling app that allows you to focus more time and energy on living your life rather than staring at a bunch of clothes in your wardrobe with no idea where to begin.

Buzu Cards 

Buzu Cards is a unique educational, artistic, and fun way for students to learn standardized testing concepts through engaging characters with backstories and colorful designs to help kids retain the information required to do well in school. Not only that, but the cards can design and trade the cards, too!


TenFore Golf is a unique point of sale and scheduler system for golf courses that helps streamline tee times and beverage orders for players. Current golf management software is old, expensive, difficult to use, and often requires tee time bartering. TenFore solves these pain points and redefines what golf management software can be.

Cyber Warrior Network

Cyber Warrior Network (CWN) is breaking the mold when it comes to cyber security training and talent-vetting. It’s unique Cyber Wraithe game connects cyber professionals in its gaming universe that leads to actual job placement. CWN also helps employers identify and vet potential applicants, ensuring the right fit for open roles far more quickly than traditional measures.


MyCoffeePass is dedicated to helping coffee lovers explore and experience local coffee shops across Texas. They provide a more affordable way to enjoy coffee and local vibes through their unique platform focused on elevating the magic of craft coffee shops for coffee lovers in the Lone Star State.

Great Things on the Horizon

We expect phenomenal things from the 2020 Cohort founders and their teams throughout the next couple of months. These are the startups that help build San Antonio and contribute to creating a world-class city. Congratulations, again and thank you!

The 2020 Pre-accelerator Demo Day will be held in September, exact date TBA in downtown San Antonio. Follow us on social media to learn more about the final event and how you can secure tickets or become a sponsor. Questions? Email info@geekdom.com.

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